Day 3: Awarded

On Friday morning, we took a little tour of the city.  We didn’t make it incredibly far because it was pretty cold and rainy, and it was really difficult to stay focused on the history of something when I was trying to make sure that my toes didn’t fall asleep.  I was so bummed, because we have plenty of clothes that are well suited for walking around in weather like this, but when we had packed to leave on Sunday, the weather was still supposed to be warmish and sunny.  Oh well, it was still beautiful through the fog.


The castle looked particularly beautiful surrounded by a foggy cloud of rain.


We went to a delicious lunch and then got showered and ready for the award ceremony that evening.  The center had gone all out, as we saw throughout the rest of the trip, to make the whole experience a beautiful and memorable one.  There was a baroque group that played music during the event, and it was all incredible.  The inside of the hall where the ceremony was held was absolutely beautiful.


The research center had hired a professional photographer to take photos for the evening, and we discovered afterwards that we would each be receiving a disk of the photos from the evening.  Unfortunately I didn’t know this at the time, and was a bit irritated that I didn’t get a great picture of Chris receiving his award, because the photographer had jumped in front of me.  (But I’m sure that his picture is excellent, so you’ll just have to wait for that.) I did however, make Chris pose for me in the room, because it was too incredible to not take advantage of.


Here is a photo of all of the winners.


I’ve decided that I’m going to upload our photos from the event onto a Flickr site, as to not bombard the blog with the hundreds of photos that I have already taken, but if anyone is curious then they can take a look.  I will link to the Flickr site on my next post, when it’s all ready and available, but need to get ready for dinner at the moment, so it will have to wait for now.  More soon!