Destin, On the Balcony

Destin 1

Exactly 2 weeks ago today, the day after Jayce’s last day of school, we boarded a plane and flew to Florida, eventually arriving in our beloved Destin.  We typically stay in the same condo, which is on the first and second floor of a lake-front villa.  But this time we were in a high rise condo with a view of the lake and the ocean, and I think the view, and the balcony in particular, must have made an impression on me.

Destin 2

We were in Destin for 10 days, and in that time, I took 45 pictures with my “big camera.”  

When I downloaded them and looked at the number I burst out laughing.  (To give you some idea of what is normal for me, in the outfit pictures of Hannah that I’ve posted of her in the clothes I make her, I usually take between 50-200 in one session.  Or, when Mom and Chelsea came to see us in London, I took over 1,200.)  So 45, on vacation in Destin, for 10 days…well that’s basically nothing.

Destin 8Destin 7

That said, when I looked through all the pictures there appeared to be a theme.  With very few exceptions, the pictures I did take are on or have to do with the balcony.  It was pretty great.  

Destin 9Destin 10

Perfect for bubbles, ice cream soup…

Destin 13Destin 14Destin 15Destin 16

kids’ yoga, 

Destin 17Destin 18

and my unsuccessful attempts to catch the beach and sunset at various shades of dusk.

Destin 19Destin 20

But I know that there are 2 main reasons that there aren’t more pictures. 

1.) Jetlag/ vacation mindset/ dang I was tired/ “I’m on vacation I don’t want to get up and get my camera I just want to sit here.”  There was that.

Destin 22

2.) Hannah.  She wants me to chase after her or be snuggling her at all times right now.  This is fine with me, but tricky to do while also using a camera that requires two hands, and when we are at the pool or the beach it’s just not a possibility.  

Destin 23

But when I did have the camera, the balcony was in the picture in one way or another.  We spent 10 days thoroughly enjoying it. 

As to the rest of the time, that’s what a camera phone is for.

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