DIY: Crafty Centerpiece Balls

I recently came across a link to these lovely twiney decor balls, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since.  As one of those people who consider themselves crafty but not artistic, this screamed out to me, “Even you can do this!”  And they were right, I could.  I give you…twiney centerpiece balls!!  Even you can impress your family, friends and 1 year old by showcasing the Pier One-Esq. loveliness and declaring “I made that!”  Here’s how.2009_09_29_3424

Get yourself some Styrofoam balls (I used 4 inch and 2 inch), a glue gun and some twine.  I used a stiff “jewelry making” twine that I found in the bead aisle because it was slightly less rough-looking than regular twine and wrapped a bit more easily.  I also got a thinner cotton twine just to have a different texture option.  (All items can be purchased at Wal-Mart, which is great news for those of us who need to drive 25 minutes to find a Michaels or Hobby Lobby!)2009_09_26_3369

From there, you just start with a little dab of glue on the foam ball, coil then end of the twine, and press the coil into the glue until set.  Luckily, hot glue sets really quickly, so this will only take seconds.  From there, you simply press a bead of glue around the coil and press the twine into it, little by little wrapping your way around the ball.  For a full tutorial, please see  Vanessa’s site, who gives foolproof instructions on making these beautiful gems.  

  2009_09_27_34062009_09_28_3413The thicker twine was much easier to work with and went faster than the cotton twine, but as I said, I was just looking to mix it up a bit.  I spray painted some of the twine green before I glued it onto a few of the smaller balls, so that I could have little green accent balls in the mix as well. 



The finished product.


Simply add the different sized balls to a basket, toss with some seasonal gourds and a candle, and sprinkle with affectionate glances.  And embrace your right to sound like a big dork on your own blog! 🙂2009_09_29_3427

I must tell you that these are easy, but they aren’t a fast project.  It took me about an hour to do a big one, so it’s a good project to do alongside a show you can’t miss. But in spite of that they are a bit addictive to make.  I’ll just say it right now, everyone is getting a set of these for Christmas.

Check out these ideas by people who are both crafty and artistic, at A Soft Place to Land.

12 thoughts on “DIY: Crafty Centerpiece Balls

  1. haha I'm working on a set right now as well!!

    I went with the thicker kind of twine jute stuff and I have to say, I'm surprisingly loving the texture it gives. Plus it's thicker so it goes pretty quickly. You know, like thirty minutes or so, for one. ;o)

  2. My crafty friend…we need to get together to make some of these for Harvest of Talents at our church. If I didn't have my silly masters, I'd be making these right now.

    And you are artistic. Just look at your photography!

  3. These look awesome, Erin! I love them. I have wanted to make some by myself for awhile but never took the time to do it. Yours look so good that I just might have to try it. Thanks for sharing! Your little arrangement looks so great! Love them with the little pumpkin! : )

  4. it does look great! i love how you not only took the time to make them AND post about them, but that you paused while making them to take pictures! blogs were invited for people like you!

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