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I have had the recent fortune of making these awesome wall hangings and I am completely in love with them! I saw this idea in Lowes Creative Solutions this summer and have been obsessed with making them ever since. Luckily they turned out perfectly, were pretty easy and the results are gorgeous, so just I have to share them.2009_11_24_4463

I started off with a few pieces of poplar board, 1 inch x 12 inches x 6 feet. I had them sawed in half, which left me with two 3 feet x 12 inch boards.


I sanded and stained the boards,


lined the edges with painters tape, and covered the boards with this doormat that I picked up from Lowes.


I then spray painted 4 light coats through the doormat-2 straight down on the mat and 2 from different angles to try to fill in all of the gaps.


I allowed the paint to dry for about 30 minutes after the last coat,


and when I pulled the mat off I literally squealed with delight.


I sealed the wood with a spray polyurethane and hung those babies up as soon as I could.

I used heavy duty sawtooth hangers on the back of the boards, and hung them on wall anchors spaced about 13 inches apart.


The wood shows through beautifully and the design looks so elegant on the wall. The only real problem is that I want to put them in every single room of the house-the neutral wood and ivory go with absolutely everything! It took a lot of deliberation before they finally landed in the living room, but I was glad to finally have something to fill the space above the TV, and luckily mom was willing to hold to hold them up against different walls while I debated.2009_11_24_4458

I’m so excited to be linking this up to the CSI project!


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  1. Those are sooo cool and I am immediately going to copy you and put them on the blank wall of my bathroom. I have trying to figure out what to do there! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. So awesome I can't wait to try this ! I have seen metal floor rugs like that used before to hang on walls too! So awesome! Yes I know I already said that!

  3. Looks great, and funny, when I was looking at your cute picture of daddy and baby on the swing, I realized I KNOW YOU!!!
    I am Ryan M's sister from CCU. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving Erin, tell Chris Crystal said Hi!

  4. I am SO stealing this idea for my bathroom. I have a giant piece of luan that I've been wondering what kind of art to put on it and now I know. Thank you for sharing!

  5. WOW…what a COOL idea you had here…love how it looks! Thanks soooo much for sharing it and showing us how you did it. Hope you have an awesome week!


  6. Love these! I already have one of those rugs! I wonder if I could use the back side of it and not ruin it??!! I might have to try! I think I found it for under $10 at Ross, though….I could just buy another one! Great project!

  7. Thank-you so much for sharing this! I have a large wall in my living room that I haven't been able to find art for. I'm going to leave the boards the 6' length and double it up.
    How did you secure them to the wall?

  8. Erin!!! Hi from Shawnee, Rob, Katie, and Logan Fleenor! I saw the (gorgeous!) wall hanging link on One Pretty Thing, and when I came to your link and saw the photos on the right, I recognized you! Okay, that's a lot of exclamation points for one comment. Anyway, we're at rsfleenor at juno dot com, and we'd love to say hello and see what's up. Blessings, Shawnee

  9. AMAZING– love these-You are so creative.
    Thanks for linking to the party.
    I will click to follow and add you to my subscriptions if you have that feature on your blog.
    Do you want to know why
    I am both following and subscribing? Check out my blog for the Google update.

  10. Holy cow. Those are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I am in love, and in awe of this idea! I also have a BIG empty space above my sofa that would be absolutely PERFECT for this project! Thank you for sharing!

  11. That is brilliant! Wow! So creative. I'm going to steal that sometime. Really, I am SOOOO impressed. I wish you could "hear" me as I type.


  12. i am soooo glad i clicked on here from the lettered cottage! thank you for the detailed instructions…i am sooo so so so excited to make these this week! thanks for sharing!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!! I had seen this idea before but forgot all about it!!

    Can I ask, how did you get them lined up so evenly on the wall when you hung them? I'm SURE I wouldn't be able to get them so even!


  14. I made this project when that magazine came out. Mine turned out terrible the first time I tried it. The problem was the floor mat I used. The rubber edges along the design weren't smooth and neat and so when I sprayed the paint my design was messy. I went back with a Dremel tool and cleaned up the floor mat. It took me three hours! Then I tried it again and it turned out great! So get a nice floor mat and pay attention to the design.

  15. I saw this when you first posted and we were building a new house. I knew just where I wanted them but knew I would need to make them on a slightly bigger scale to hang on the wall over my stairs. I have made them and they turned out great! Now I can't figure out how to hang them. They are HEAVY and this will be an awkward place! How did you hang yours?

  16. What color stain & spray paint did you use. They turned out great…I just happened to come across this on the Lowe's site today, but the directions were terrible. Thanks so much for the explanation!

  17. Did any locate the actual 24 x 36 mat used???? The current mat at lowes is super different and I like the one she used better. Would anyone be willing to send it to me? I would be apply to pay for it, plus shipping??? Thanks!
    Jen McCannell

  18. I absolutely LOVED your project! I thought it came out amazing. I tried to do it myself and it didn't go well at all. I tried two different mats and I just couldn't get the same result as you. You should start selling these! I just featured my attempt at your project on my blog, check it out some time.

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