Dodge This

LCU is having a dodge ball tournament soon and they asked a few of the faculty’s children to be involved in the promotional material.  Jayce was one of the kids involved, and the photographer, Michael Gowin, let us download and keep a few of the pictures as a thank you.





I think Jayce had fun being a little model, mostly because there was a ball involved in the photo shoot.  The biggest problem was that as soon as we handed the ball to him, he threw it down and then kicked it around the room.  I had to laugh because he has been doing this and watching people do this 5-6 days a week at soccer practice, but it was a little inconvenient for what they were trying to accomplish.  We kept just bringing him back in front of the backdrop, handing him the ball, and then stepping away as quickly as possible for the photographer to get a shot before he launched the ball in front of him. 

One thought on “Dodge This

  1. Those pictures are awesome! He is beautiful enough to be a little model, that is for sure! I especially love the 2nd one with his little half smile.

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