Double Gauze Shorts and Daughter Twinning

Nani Iro Double Gauze Shorts by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 6The week before we headed to Florida for vacation I was super stressed out about packing and so I decided to make myself some shorts.

Also, I needed some new shorts.  That is important too.  But so is the stress relief factor.

Anyway, I made the shorts above, which I love x 100.  You can find all of the details today over at Imagine Gnats blog as a part of the Shorts on the Line party. 🙂

Nani Iro Double Gauze Shorts by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 9Nani Iro Double Gauze Shorts by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 10

On this day I had just made the kids lunch and Michael was asleep, so I quickly set up the tripod to get a few quick pictures.  The kids’ mom detector started going off almost immediately and they both jumped up one after the other to investigate what it was that I was up to.

Also I had forgotten their drinks.  Darn you, drinks!!  We keep kids cups in the bottom drawer and water in the fridge door for easy kid-access, but never mind that, obviously.  🙂

Anyway, when Hannah came over for a quick check in and hug, I realized that she was wearing shorts almost just like mine, and also made by me.  Hers are the City Gym Shorts in a floral Liberty print which I made her last year and still fit, although they are significantly shorter on those long legs.  When I pointed out to her how we should get a picture in our matching/similar shorts, she yanked up her shirt because how else would people see her shorts?

The answer is, pretty easily, but that’s okay, she’s new to shorts modeling.

Prefontaine Shorts at Our Family Four 22That said, I had to hunt through some pictures today because this is not the first time that we have both been wearing matching shorts.  I wrote this post just over two years ago when we were in London, both sporting our Prefontaine Shorts.  Her legs were half of what they are now, and mine had less than half of the color that they have now.  Ahhh the British summer tan.  That is one thing that I do not miss. 🙂

Prefontaine Shorts at Our Family Four 5I do not have any pictures of Jayce and I in matching shorts, which is just fine.  However, once he saw that I had a remote that took pictures on my camera, he wanted in on it, and I wanted him in on it too.  I don’t have nearly enough pictures of me and my biggest boy, and this is far superior to our iPhone selfies.Nani Iro Double Gauze Shorts by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 13

Happy Friday everyone.  It is going to be a good day. 🙂