Every day at Jayce’s preschool, they get a sheet of paper to draw whatever they’d like to draw.  I’ve collected some of his drawings as he brings them home and it’s been fun to see how they change throughout the year and how different the drawings that he brings home now are from the ones that he brought home last August. 

I took a picture of a several of them, so now I can throw them away, right?  Or so I’ve been told.  Anyway.

At the beginning of the year, he typically drew something pretty simple, with a simple explanation.  He was sometimes influenced by the seasons as well, as obviously the ghost, witch and pumpkin were drawn in October/November.

April 13

(Clockwise from top, a sink, a ghost, a witch, a different pumpkin, an octopus, and fire.)

A few months later I realized that sometimes I could tell what he was trying to draw, and his drawings looked less like random scribbles.  I even made a personal appearance. 🙂

April 14

(A dragon, my mommy, chickens, an x and a treasure chest, a rainbow, and a roller coaster.)

Over the next few months, his drawings got a little more elaborate, sometimes included multiple colors, and the descriptions got a bit more descriptive.

April 15

(A silly roller coaster, a maze and a guy is stuck in the maze, a teeny tiny roller coaster, a seat and a map, a sandwich, a rescue hero spaceship.)

April 16

(A crazy roller coaster, fire and a tree and more fire, aliens in an alien colored spaceship, an alien rainbow spaceship, a roller coaster and another roller coaster, a lot of people by a volcano.)

This drawing stood out to me because I pulled it out while we were having lunch on the day after preschool, and said, “Wow, you drew a sailboat and snakes flying and a box,” as was written on the paper.  Jayce looked at it, and adamantly said, “No Mom!!  I drew a sailboat and snake falling in a box!”  He was really upset that I said the wrong thing, so I crossed out the incorrect description of the picture, and re-wrote it.  It was just funny to me that he was so serious about his drawing and wanted to make sure I got it right.

April 17


April 18

(Back.  Snakes clearly falling, and not flying.)

This is the last and most recent batch of drawings.  They are descriptive almost to the point of being a sentence about what is happening in the picture.  Also, the pictures are starting to have little details: the firetrucks have wheels, the chick has a face,

Picture 1

(A fireman and a policeman coming to the rescue, orange and a rocket crashed into the sand, a fire and a firetruck, a golden egg and a chick in it.)  

Anyway, I’m sure this is pretty standard as far as 3 year old drawings.  The funny thing is that these are laid out exactly in the order that they came home, I didn’t group like ones together or anything, so it is interesting to see what sort of things stand out and what sort of progress he is making in the way he sees and depicts things.  Love this little boy.

April 19


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