Early Birthday Surprise

You know how most people have a junk drawer? Some have a few junk drawers or even a junk closet? Well, at our house, we had a junk room. It was officially called our “office,” and though it did have a desk and bookcase, it was so full of our junk that neither of us ever went in there except to drop off or retrieve something, and then closed the door behind us. Just going into the room was stressful because the floor was covered with bags of random things, small stacks of paperwork that needed to be filed, and many things that just need(ed) to be thrown away.

I don’t feel too bad about the state of that room, considering that we moved to Louisville after 3 years in Scotland, had a baby 2 months later, and then moved again 2 months after that, so we had a lot of stuff that needed to be sorted through. The combination of our stuff that had been in storage while in Scotland+Scotland things+baby things+new job things=a pretty good mess. The office has basically served as the overflow for the rest of our house as we’ve continued to get organized and settled. Now am I justifying here? Well, yes, obviously I am. But with pretty good reason, I think.
ANYWAY, Chris’ birthday is coming up and since Mom and Chels won’t be here to celebrate with him, they decided to surprise him by condensing the junk, fixing up the study and making it into a functioning workspace. So they bought paint and accessories, and as soon as Chris left for work on Friday the three of us went to work on the room. We frantically cleared it out, taped, painted (2 coats!), cleaned up, printed and framed some pics, rearranged shelves, hung pictures and tried to act cool when he got home. We had only finished about 15 minutes before he got home, we couldn’t believe that it took the whole day! We were so frantic that our sign maker accidentally misspelled surprise and no one noticed. 🙂 Oh well.

Chris was very surprised and pleased with the results. Unfortunately, all of the time spent beautifying the room left little time for productive organizing. So our stuff has downgraded from a junk room to a junk closet, which allows us to still keep the door closed and forget about for now.