Easter Day

Okay, so my Easter posts are mixed in amongst the “other things that are going on” posts, which is against my usual desire to document things chronologically. But given how crazy our post-Easter week was, I’m deciding to let myself off of the hook and make an exception.

Picnik collage1

We started off our Easter morning with a fun little Easter egg hunt for Jayce around the house. It was nice having Justin and Tasha in town so they could enjoy the hunt as well, and they helped distract Chris from “helping” Jayce find the eggs. (I’m always trying to quiet his, “Jayce, look by the fridge!” assistance. But it’s better than last year when he would go stand beside the eggs, point down to it and say, “Buddy, look, here’s one!”) Maybe next year I’ll just give Chris a bucket too.


In true Jayce form, he had a little system for egg collecting and organizing. We tried to get him to just take his bucket and run around to collect the eggs, but he quickly realized that discovering the contents of the eggs were just as important as finding the eggs. So he would run around and gather up 2-3 eggs, then take them into his little station in the kitchen, open them up, put the candy in one bucket, and the eggs in another. He then rushed back around for another round of eggs.

Easterday 7

Just before church I made everyone head outside for a few family photos, in true Easter Sunday form.

Easterday 8

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of my guys all dressed up,

Easterday 6

or of Jayce’s fun weekend playmates. Jayce actually kept calling them “my friends Uncle Justin and Aunt Tasha.” As in, “Mom, I show my friend Uncle Justin my bike?” It was sweet.

Easterday 9

After church we came home and some friends came over for Easter dinner. We had all sorts of good food and it was fun to have family in town to eat a big meal with, especially since we don’t normally have that. Jayce insisted on helping Justin with the potatoes, so I grabbed a few quick shots of the potato mashing partnership.

Picnik collagepotatos

It was a great holiday, wrapped up that evening with some egg dyeing, and lots of chocolate nibbling.

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