Easter Dress Before Easter Day

Sometimes Chris will walk by the kids doing something, or me taking pictures of the kids doing something and declare accusingly, “This looks like a photo shoot.”

Easterdress 8

I usually reply one of two ways.

1.) It’s not!  She/he was totally doing that already!  That’s why I grabbed my camera in the first place!


2.) Oh, leave me alone.

Easterdress 1Easterdress 2

This was honestly a scenario #1.  Not at all staged, it just really looks that way.

I had been taking Hannah’s monthly pictures that afternoon, so she was already stripped down to her diaper.  I decided to try on this AMAZINGLY sweet little dress that I had bought her for Easter since she was already undressed, and while I was buttoning it up, Jayce ran outside and then insisted that we join him immediately, so we did.  I set her down on the blanket that we had been playing on, in her dress, in the afternoon sunlight, and only hesitated for an instant before running back inside for my camera.

Easterdress 4Easterdress 3

It was especially worth it once Jayce started making her smile and laugh.

Easterdress 6

Easter dresses should be worn more than one day a year anyway, right?  Right.  Especially with arms and legs and cheeks like this.

Easterdress 7

I’m glad we’re all in agreement on this one. 🙂

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