Easter Egg Dying

Easter egg dying 8

I think that this is the first year that Hannah has ever dyed eggs for Easter.  Jayce did a few times before we moved to London but I don’t think we have since.  It’s not really as big of a thing to do in London, not nearly as much as Easter Egg hunts in beautiful places (which we did every year), and since we bought brown eggs it just didn’t really seem worth the effort.  But this year I bought a cheap dye set, some vinegar, a cheap tablecloth and let the kids at it.  

Easter egg dying 2

The mess control verdict is in: It was no big deal.  They had fun, the cleanup was easy, all of the eggs looked bright and festive, and over all it was worth the effort.  I’m sure that my kids’ ages come into play for the ease factor, but still.  We will definitely do it again next year, especially since I could just sit back and take pictures. 🙂

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