Easter Fun

This morning the rec center in town had a little Easter egg hunt and activities for kids, so we took Jayce on over to check it out.  They had a great little program set up, and it was all free.  We started off with a little egg-on-a-spoon race,


we then hopped down the bunny trail to the next activity,


which was guessing which egg the candy was under, and Jayce guessed right!


He then climbed through the bunny tunnels, 2010_04_03_7643

and landed in an Easter egg patch,


with plenty of eggs to gather,


and even his friend Apollos.


We then went on to the Easter bunny, who gave Jayce a little bunny of his own,


Jayce checked him out for a second…


and then moved in for a hug.


It was a nice little Easter weekend activity, especially since this is the first year that Jayce has been old enough to be interested in something like this.  We have been playing with eggs all afternoon, and now I’m just looking forward to tomorrow morning and a bit more Easter fun.

One thought on “Easter Fun

  1. I had no idea this was going on. We need to create a facebook announcement page for all the mommies. Debbie keeps me up to date on things like swimming lessons and soccer for Owen. Let's all tell each other, even if we think they know.

    Love the pics. ADORABLE!

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