Easter Green Ayashe Blouse

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Oh how I love Hannah’s new Ayashe blouse. 

Ayashe Blouse 4

When I saw a few people’s versions of this pattern I immediately thought, “I would buy that shirt in the store!” instead of my usual, “I could make that!”  I feel like that really says something about the state of this finished garment- you see it and you are sold. There is something about all of those little gathers on the back and the front bodice that make it seem more complicated than it is, and I was daunted about putting it together myself.  I shouldn’t have been. 

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I went for the long sleeved version since we are still in that in-between place with weather, where it’s “warm spring” on some days but still “cold spring” on others.  Honestly I just couldn’t bear to cover up this beautiful green floral fabric with a sweater.  Luckily, since the the sleeve cuffs are gathered I can push them up just below her elbows and they stay.  Plus, it’s so loose and billowy that I think it will be great in the summer in a cool air conditioned building.
A spring and summer top.  Like I said before, sold.
Ayashe Blouse 6
(That little tongue!)
This was the first time that I ever attempted a Mandarin collar, which is not quite as tidy as I would have liked, but it still looks good.  Since this time last year I was making zillions of Geraniums, (my still go-to dress pattern) it’s still fun to see that I can still branch out just a little bit to pick up a few new skills.  Or skillz.  
Ayashe Blouse 5
Since we often head to the playground on our way to an out for an evening, I was glad to see that this top makes for a great playground outfit.  Just pair it with some dark bottoms to take on the dirt/grass stains, but the blouse still seems special for a dressier weekend outing.  But next time, maybe no jean skirt on the slide?  She kept squealing, “Mommy, my legs are making silly noises on the slide!!” as her poor chunky thighs squeaked against the metal. 
Then again, it was pretty hilarious.  Maybe a jean skirt on the slide is a guarantee of fun, so long as there are bloomers on as well?  (There were.)
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