Easter Hunt at Ham House

Ham House 3Ham House 27Ham House 9Ham House 16Ham House 32Ham House 38

Last weekend we took the kids over to Ham House to do their Easter Egg Trail.  

Ham House 4

We did this last year and really enjoyed it, even though it snowed on us while we were egg hunting.  Which was a bummer.
Ham House 1Ham House 5
This year I was so excited that the weather was nicer and we planned to do the trail and then have a picnic and hang out for the afternoon.  It didn’t really work out as planned.Ham House 6
It was one of those days where it was warm when the sun was out but cold when it was behind a cloud, and the sky suddenly was covered with really big clouds.  We weren’t really dressed warm enough for the cloudy version of the day, so even though it was warmer than last year, we were colder because we weren’t bundled up enough.  Ham House 34
Jayce wanted to run around and do the trail, but Hannah just wanted to run in any one direction or stop and dig and throw the tiny rocks that were everywhere.  Ham House 21Ham House 17Ham House 11
So we split up.  The boys went hunting for clues and I didn’t really see them again until they emerged at the end with their spoils.  

Ham House 10Ham House 7Ham House 28

Ham House 27Ham House 40
Chelsea, Hannah and I wandered through the different parts of the gardens.  It was cold, but since it has been so warm here recently the gardens were full of beautiful flowers, and it was hard not to be enchanted by it all.
Ham House 14Ham House 12Ham House 15Ham House 18Ham House 13She saw this little girl in her costume and thought that she was really Snow White.  She squealed and then walked over to her and cautiously said, “Hi Snow White.”  Then they hung out in front of the flowers together for a few minutes until Snow White’s mom came over and threatened her children, who had been periodically plucking a flower or two from their beds.  So we moved on.  Seeing Snow White get in trouble ruins the illusion a little, I think.

Ham House 19Ham House 20Ham House 26Ham House 25Ham House 31Ham House 29Ham House 33Ham House 36Ham House 37Ham House 39

The we joined back up with the boys, who brought Hannah her share of the egg hunt. 

Ham House 41Ham House 42

At first she did not succeed, but she tried and tried again.

Ham House 43Ham House 44
Ham House 45Ham House 46

Eventually we were so chilly that wen went inside and looked at random historic things that we didn’t really care about (do you really want to see an ‘old timing’ kitchen’?), and Jayce did a craft just because we were cold and wanted to get out of the wind.  That’s when I called it.  There was no reason to suffer through a too cold picnic just because we were in a beautiful setting, so we would take our picnic and eat it at home.  And then Chris made us stop for crepes as we walked by our favorite creperie, so everyone won. 🙂

Ham House 48