Easter Morning

On Easter morning when we were little, my mom would get up before we did (or before she went to bed the night before), and hide plastic eggs around the house for us to find.  Waking up and finding them was one of our favorite traditions, maybe even more so than our actual Easter baskets.  They were each filled with goodies, some with candy, and as we got older, some with money.  It was just change at first, but there was usually 1 egg with a $5 bill in it, and that was the big one.  The hiding spots got more challenging too, and finding eggs in the really unusual spots was as much of an accomplishment as finding lots of eggs.

I was so excited that this year Jayce would be old enough to participate in a little egg hunt.  We didn’t travel for the holiday and though we missed being with our families, we were excited about the opportunity that this would present to form some traditions of our own.  The first would be the egg hunt.

The night before I took a bunch of eggs, put a single jelly bean in each one, and put them around the house.  When Jayce got up Sunday morning we were snuggling on the couch and I asked Jayce if he could see any Easter eggs in the room.  He gave a little giggle and I put him down to go grab them.  He went after the first one, picked it up, shook it, opened it, giggled again when he discovered the jelly bean and quickly popped it into his mouth.


I know these pictures aren’t great, but I was too busy enjoying watching him carefully make his way around the rooms, looking for eggs, and stopping to open each one before moving onto the next.  It was a fun way to ease us all into this tradition, because I know that before long he will be frantically running around grabbing up as many as possible as quickly as possible.  Even Chris was excited and kept trying to point more out to Jayce, as I tried to keep Chris quiet so that Jayce could discover them on his own.  I did eventually let Chris help him though.


Chris cooked up a great pancake breakfast for us before heading out to church.   We saved Easter baskets for after church and Jayce helped his dad put together this fun new toy. 


t ball1 tball 2

which he is still getting the hang of.

It was a perfect day, full of family time, naps, candy, cooking, sidewalk chalk, wagon rides and overall hanging out.

2 thoughts on “Easter Morning

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love watching kids the first couple of years they get to hunt for eggs. It's so precious. I will never forget Avery's first hunt in the living room. Oh, my goodness, it just makes me smile.

    Oh, and Jayce is seriusly so adorable.

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