Easter Stuff

A few years ago on the Monday after Halloween, a blogger I read started out her post by saying, “Today across America, every parent with a blog or facebook account is uploading and sharing pictures of their children in their Halloween costumes.”  I laughed because it was so true, on my blog too.  
The week after Easter is the same.  You will see egg coloring, egg finding, Easter baskets, Easter outfits and everything in between.  But that is part of the fun, right?
So, in order, egg coloring…

Eggs 1Eggs 2

Eggs 3Eggs 4Eggs 5Eggs 6Eggs 7Eggs 8
egg finding…
Eggsoutside 1Eggsoutside 2Eggsoutside 5Eggsoutside 3Eggsoutside 6Eggsoutside 7
Easter baskets…
Easter 1
but our Easter outfits were pjs.   
Easter 2
Jayce was so funny when he was hunting for eggs that morning.  Right now, for some reason, he gets really excited/incredulous about things.  It’s hilarious, and typically appropriate.
That morning, several of the eggs had quarters in them, because the tired Easter bunny didn’t have any small pieces of candy to put in the eggs.  When Jayce discovered that one egg had 2 dimes in it instead of a quarter, he said, “Mom, look!  When quarters are teeny tiny, they’re called dimes!  How did they do that?!  It’s like magic!!”
Or when he discovered that a few of the eggs had candy in them instead of coins, he squealed, with his hand on his forehead, “What?!  Some of the eggs have quarters and some have candies!!  That’s amazing!!!”
There is nothing quite like the enthusiasm of a 3 year old.
Easter 3
Hannah managed a few smiles despite a sick and miserable night,
Easter 4
and Jayce got busy on a few puzzles that were in his basket.
Easter 6Easter 7
And that is all for now, because this post is already dangerously long and picture heavy.