Easter Weekend

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We started off Easter weekend in true Easter weekend form, meaning a big egg hunt.  The local rec center put on a hug egg hunt for kids of all different ages and it was so fun.  Really, at these things I always wonder who is more excited, Jayce or us!

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We did this last year too, but it was pouring rain so the festivities were moved inside.  It was still a great time, they had little egg obstacle courses set up and various games that Jayce loved.  But there is nothing like a big group of kids running around plucking brightly colored eggs from soft green grass.

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Chris and Justin ran around with Jayce and helped him “find” eggs.  It was so funny to watch because Jayce would run over to a patch where there were probably 30 eggs in a 2 foot square area, select 1 or 2, and then move on.  But thanks to Chris’ helpful directions he was sure to find numerous Reece’s Cup Eggs, the orange ones in the picture below.  We saw the Easter bunny again this year, and Jayce remembered him from last year when he was handing out little stuffed bunnies to the kids.  There were several kids staring cautiously at the Easter bunny and keeping their distance, but Jayce walked right up to him, gave him a high five and then a hug, and told him thanks for the eggs.  It was so sweet!  I wasn’t fast enough with my camera

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Chris and Justin helped Jayce sort through his loot.  There was a good variety of candy, and stickers, along with about 8 free passes to the pool this summer-an excellent prize!  They also had special prizes to be collected if you found any golf balls (since it was beside a driving range), and Jayce had several of those as well.

Egg hunt 10

We were so excited that Justin and Tasha could come visit with us this weekend, especially since it was literally the ONLY time that we had a weekend free in the spring before the baby would arrive.  Jayce kept calling them my “my friends Uncle Justin and Aunt Tasha.”

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Jayce was sure to point out all of his favorite outside activities to Justin, so he got in on bike riding and swinging, among other things.  It was a full day.

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