“Educational” Baby Einstein Videos

Has anyone else heard about the Baby Einstein dvd refunds?

Basically, the Baby Einstein company recently admitted that claiming the dvds were “educational” was just a marketing tool, and was a misrepresentation of the product itself. They are now offering a refund or exchange option for dvds purchased within the last 5 years.  If you want to read more, check out this site.  For information on where to ship your dvds, see here.

We didn’t really watch any of the Baby Einstein videos with Jayce, but not because I have anything against them, we just didn’t.  But I wanted to pass this along because I did think it was really interesting, especially having always wondered about the conflicting advice on how kids under age 2 should not watch tv and these videos claiming to be education for infants.

One thought on ““Educational” Baby Einstein Videos

  1. Nice info. I hadn't heard about that. Two different people bought us dvds when Kaelyn was a baby, and I thought they were weird. Played them once to see what they were and never played them again. She didn't care for them!

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