Egg Dancing

This is one of those things that I considered not posting about, because it’s a little embarrassing. But it is one of those little games that has stuck, so here it is, on record. The egg dance.

One afternoon last week, Jayce and I were playing with his little plastic eggs. These have kept their novelty factor from Easter because I keep putting them away when he’s not looking. As in, all the way away, high in the cupboard where they can’t be seen or reached. So every few weeks he will suddenly remember them and ask for them. Then we’ll pull them back out, start naming the colors, counting them, sorting them, throwing them, pretend eating them, etc.

Anyway, back to last week. Jayce had just given me 2 eggs to hold while he was playing with the others. My eggs were blue and pink, obviously male and female, so I decided that they should dance. I took one in each hand, and started bouncing them around on the floor, going, “Boo ba dooba doobie dobbie doobie dooba dooba, egg dance! Doobie doobie doobie dooba, egg dance!”

Jayce sat for a few seconds, watching his mom’s craziness. He then started dipping his shoulders to the beat and eventually got up and starting bouncing around, saying, “Dooba dooba dooba dooba, egg dance!!” Throughout the afternoon, he would periodically bring me an egg for each hand, get a few eggs for himself, declare, “Egg dance!!” and then we would start dancing. When Chris got home, he got in on the action too, but with a lot more flare. He would kick his leg up and let Jayce run underneath it and do jump spins. Jayce loves it.

It is now a thing. We egg dance every day now, and eggs don’t even need to be a part of the process. One person just has to declare, “Egg dance!” and everyone has to participate.

This is, perhaps, the best part about having a 2 year old. You never know what random little comment or action is going to become the new latest craze in your household. It’s kind of a big responsibility. And it’s kind of fun.

A little egg dancing demo. Only Jayce is participating in these egg dances, which is why they have been made public.

This one is primarily for the grandparents. A little egg dancing, a little counting, some colors, and a big sweetie.