Eggs Galore


A few weeks ago when I was busy making my egg wreath, Jayce would periodically get into my eggs and run away with one, and I would go chase him down (I needed those little guys for my project!) So, as a compromise of sorts, I gave him a whole bag of the bigger eggs that I wouldn’t be using to let him play with.


The very first time that he grabbed one of the eggs, he turned to me and said, “A!” (I know that actually “E” is for egg, but “A” sounds like egg), he then blew out a short breath like he was trying to cool the egg off. I said, “Yes it’s an egg, and yeah we blow on eggs when they’re hot, huh?” (We have scrambled eggs pretty regularly around here.) He then knelt down and “cracked it” on the floor, and then threw the whole egg into a frying pan that was on the stove. Luckily the pan was empty and cold, and we had a talk about why he shouldn’t do that, but it occurred to me that he doesn’t really know anything about Easter eggs, and why these plastic pastel eggs are different than what we sometimes eat for lunch.2010_03_03_7051

I know that Easter Egg hunts are coming up so I thought I’d give him a little trial run. I dumped the eggs all over the floor, gave him a bucket, made a mental note to not make him use his Halloween bucket at an Easter Egg hunt, and instructed him to hurry up and get the eggs into the bucket.

He immediately started dashing around the kitchen and scooping up eggs. I was particularly impressed with this little stunt below, see the egg in each hand and the extra egg between those two? He walked over to the bucket carefully and dropped all three inside.2010_03_03_70352010_03_03_7036He also quickly realized how fun it is to break the eggs apart, and how quickly this could be accomplished with his mouth. I tried to convince him that it was just as fun to put the eggs back together, “Listen. When we put them back together…pop!” but he didn’t care. Luckily the Dollar Tree eggs have a little tab to keep the two pieces attached even when the egg is open, so it wasn’t a complete mess.

2010_03_03_7064And with a face like this, I didn’t really mind cleaning it all up anyway. 2010_03_03_7065I’m featuring my wreath today on Lemon Tree Creations if you missed it last weekend. Also, I posted my family blocks there last Monday and completely forgot to mention it! You can find it here if interested. Have a great week!


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