Eight Months and Eating

You’re 8 months old now, and I never realized how a stationary baby can be so busy!

Vdaykids 21

You are constantly grabbing, constantly looking around, trying to fling yourself out of our arms, wanting to be held but then pushing away on our chest to try to turn your body towards whatever is going on behind you. Whenever we are eating something, or feeding you, you are constantly going, “Ah, ah, ah!!” as if to remind us that you are there expecting some attention, some food, or both. As if we could forget. Even when you are sitting (like in the bathtub) you are constantly bouncing your body as though you are in the exersaucer. And as I watching you in your jumper just yesterday I realized that you are getting some good air in that thing-several times you were bouncing so high that both of your feet were off of the ground. You truly were jumping.


You aren’t crawling yet, and I’m fine with that. Occasionally I think, “Maybe she isn’t crawling because I don’t really encourage her to do it.” So I’ll put you on your stomach, stick a toy just out of your reach, shake it around and encourage you to go for it. A few seconds later you start screaming like a banshee and I remember that you hate being on your stomach, and that is probably the real reason you aren’t crawling yet. You are a big roller though, and will roll around to get to whatever you want.

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You also will lean really far forward to get whatever it is that you want, with your legs still fully extended. I know that babies have really good flexibility but it makes me thinking of a ballerina stretching every time that you do it.

Vdaykids 12

Particularly if you are wearing a tutu. 🙂

January 9


January 7

Last night when we were at dinner your dad burst out with, “She’s just so different than Jayce! I know we’re tired, but it’s kind of fun because she keeps us guessing. It’s like we’re first time parents and just figuring it all out again.”

Just for fun, let’s list out all of the ways that you are different than your brother.

You never liked to be swaddled, hated the “baby wedge” that keeps you sleeping on your side, spent your first few weeks in the bouncy seat instead of the bassinet, no interest in bottles or formula, hate the Dr Browns bottles, hated the car seat for your first few months, no interest in baby cereal or any type of baby food, very whiney when your teeth are coming in, and are still not sleeping well at night. You got your teeth sooner than your brother, are drinking well from a sippy cup and straw cup already-way earlier than Jayce, nursed longer than him, and you like snuggly stuffed animals which he never cared for. Almost every thing that I anticipated knowing how to do or how you would respond has been different. It’s okay, I should just stop being surprised.

January 6

You are still nursing and I’m happy with that. It took us a long time to get the hang of it and it’s funny to remember now all of the various nursing “tools” that we used at the beginning. Nursing pillow, nursing timer, notebook to record times, breast shield, water bottle, nursing book, etc. It’s a relief to be able to just sit down and do it, and in the morning when you lay down in bed with me to nurse is my favorite. Sometimes I drift off to sleep and wake up to your coos, your little fingers grabbing at my face, or you making noises to try to engage your dad. It’s so sweet.

January 10

You still have no interest in baby food or formula, though you show a lot of interest in food. A few weeks ago I decided that maybe you were interested in our food in particular, so I gave you a bite of my oatmeal, and you ate about 5 bites before you were done. At lunch I let you have a little bit of the crust from my sandwhich and you liked that too. You only have 2 little teeth, just above the surface on the bottom, so you just kind of gum away at whatever I give you. I started off with half dime-sized pieces of bread, but now I will rip off a a long (but thin) strip of the bread crust for you to hold and take little bites of. At the beginning of the month you struggled with letting go of the food once it reached your mouth: you would put it up to your mouth, bite it, and then pull it away. But now you’re getting the hang of it and actually eating. You’ve had the raking reflex for a bit but your pinching reflex is getting so much better. Last week we had pancakes, and after feeding you several bites, I just ripped up a bunch of little pieces onto your tray and let you feed yourself. It was glorious!

January 11

To date, you have eaten oatmeal, bagels, bread, graham crackers, yogurt, saltines, cheese its (in a desperate moment at the doctor’s office), rice, refried beans, chicken, penne pasta, pancakes and some of my smoothies.

You’ve refused applesauce, beef, and cooked carrots, so not all “big people food” is a hit with you. But almost everything that you like has zero nutritional value and is just carbs. Sigh. But at least, at this age, you are just learning how to eat and still getting all of your nutrition from momma.

January 5

You love to look in the mirror and get the baby! You get so excited, bounce up and down, and flail your arms and legs like crazy.

January 4

You also love to “talk” with your dad right now. If he walks into the room and doesn’t acknowledge you (or even if he does), you will go “Aaa! Da! Ehh!” to him until he responds. And then you go back and forth until one of you gives up. You only play this game with him. If he is holding you and I walk into the room you have no interest in yelling at me. But I’m not offended, because when I walk in the room you realize that I’m not holding you, and often start yelling and flinging yourself towards me.

So basically, in your ideal situation, I’m holding you and dad is talking to you.

Hair 1

Your previously sparse hair is finally starting to come in. It’s light brown, soft and fluffy. Actually, when you get out of the bathtub is is sticking up in every direction, and your dad will spend the rest of the night calling you fuzz head. It’s sweet, but a little crazy looking.

Hair 2

Happy 8 months little fuzz head. We love you.

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  1. She is just precious, Erin. I especially love those tutu pictures!

    It is so amazing how different they all are. And then we had Mia and she was even more different and absolutely nothing like her sister or brother. So crazy. And definitely keeps you guessing and learning.

    You are so lucky that she is not crawling yet! : )

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