Eleven Months and Early Birthday

Hannah, at 11 months, you dance.

April 8

You dance to She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain from the toy on the fridge.  You dance when Jayce is beating on a bowl like a drum.  You dance if you hear a song on tv or if I’m singing to you.  You dance in your high chair, sitting on the floor, or standing.  And it’s always the same, the baby bounce.  I love it.  For some odd reason I haven’t gotten it on video yet, but I will soon.  Or so I’ve promised your Aunt Chelsea.

The party 32

You got an early dose of cake.  Your birthday party was a few days shy of you being 11 months old, but it was your party, so of course we (literally) let you have your cake and eat it too.  Not that it was your first taste of sugar anyway, we broke that rule a long time ago.  I had a ball planning and making things for you and Jayce’s party, which I’ll share more about later.

Easter 16

 You have some words.  You’ve had them since 10 months, but I forgot to mention it then, so here will do. 
Mamamama or Ma!  
Dadadada or Da!  
 Nananana.  (Which is you.  I’ll say “Han-nah,” and you’ll say “Na na na!”)
You say “Uh oh” all the time.  I love it.  You can’t beat a little baby’s uh oh.
This month you have added Ba!  Or buh buh buh buh, with a wave.  
Yes, this is obviously buh bye, and you should have seen us when you first started doing it.  It was like you were crossing the finish line at a race.  Or like you were crossing the finish line at the Olympics.  We were like, “Hannah, buh bye!  Buh bye!  Ohmygosh, look she’s doing it!!!  Look she’s waving!  Buh bye honey!!  Buh bye!…”  And on and on for about 10 minutes. 
Sometimes your bye bye wave is just your fingers moving up and down, sometimes it’s a flick of your wrist up and down, and sometimes you just extend your hand and arm, almost like you’re waiting for a high five.  In true Hannah form,  you don’t do it every time, or often start waving frantically just as we start walking away.  You like to keep us guessing and remind us who the boss is.  It’s you Hannah.  We just pretend it’s us, but we know it’s you.

Hannah 1

You also will imitate our inflection.  You’ll hold play phones, or things that resembles phones, between your ear and shoulder and say “Ya -yuh,” with a high and then low inflection.  You will imitate animal noises sometimes too.  We’ve already been a big fan of your bear growl, but you are adding a few more to the mix, a kitty, and really any other squeaky sounding animal.
Hannah 2
You’ve started to crawl.  Not all the way across the room, but you’ve just added it as a step to getting whatever you want.  You start on your knees, crawl a few steps, then slide onto your stomach, then you push with your toes and pull with your arms, then you roll from side to side.  You certainly aren’t staying put.  You walk reluctantly while holding our hands, but you’re not really into it, and you HATE the walker.  You immediately start crying and reaching for me, clawing to get to the safety of my shoulder if I stand you up in front of it.  You stand alone for a few seconds here and there, but don’t really cruise much, you just stand and hold onto whatever is in front of you and play.
Hannah 4
You give strangers a shy bashful act.  You watch them, and when they start talking to you, you lay your head down on my shoulder but give them a sweet closed mouth smile.  You do it every time.  
If we’re sitting somewhere waiting, you will watch the people who are walking by you, and if they don’t look at you and smile or acknowlege you, you will yell, “Bah!  Bah!” at them once they’ve passed, like, “Hey, you forgot to say hi to me!”  (Or maybe you’re telling them buh bye, but it seems kind of aggressive.  Maybe you’re yelling at them for not telling you buh bye as they passed, that sounds more like it.)
Hannah 5
Your play time is becoming more interesting to observe, as opposed to you just holding something and then discarding it seconds later.  You like to put things in containers and unpack things from containers.  You regularly pick things up and hand them to us and you’ll sit and throw/roll a ball back and forth across the carpet.

Hannah 3

Your still a peanut, in 9-12 month clothes, which is technically your age so I guess it’s fine.  You’re still a very picky eater, prefer proteins and starches to anything else, which I can’t say I disagree with personally, but it’s not great for babies.  You now have 5 teeth, 3 on top, 2 on bottom, you’re working on another and I can only guess where it might be since I can’t pry your mouth open for anything.  You’re still up a few times a night too.  Those darn teeth have been coming one right after another, spaced out just right between sinus and ear infections, so you have never learned what a full night of sleep feels like, and I have completely forgotten.

Aprilblanket 2

I imagine that I should be sad that you’re getting to be such a big girl, or that you are nearly a year old, but I’m a little too smitten with this age to act like I’m annoyed with it.  
Yep, 11 months is officially my favorite age.  Happy almost-birthday little sugar.