While we were at my mom’s we borrowed a few toys from Jayce’s cousins for him to play with. One of them was Elmo.

Jayce is typically a big snuggler of stuffed animals. He carries them around in the crook of his arm, and periodically cradles them between his head and shoulder and pats them on the butt. I wasn’t sure where this came from until Chris told me that this is how he holds Jayce when he is rocking him to sleep, up on his shoulder, patting on the butt.
The funny thing about this snuggle session with Elmo is that this Elmo is not a plush stuffed animal. Though it does have soft fur, it was wrapped around a hard plastic body that walked and danced. But Jayce was in such a sweet snuggly mood that morning that it didn’t bother him, even when he tried to use Elmo as a pillow.

I may need to pick up an Elmo doll this year for Christmas.

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