Face Painting with Chelsea

Face Painting 1Face Painting 2

A few weekends ago, for no reason in particular other than boredom, we pulled out a face painting kit that Jayce received as a birthday present from a friend.  I feel a bit like I need to clarify where this came from, because, though it may surprise you, I actually sigh heavily when one of my kids brings this up as an option to do.  It is really messy, they both get easily agitated, and the paint and glitter end up everywhere.  But Chelsea was game, so I let her take the brunt of it. 🙂

Face Painting 8Face Painting 7Face Painting 3

In the end, it wasn’t too bad.  

Face Painting 4Face Painting 9Face Painting 12

I think we tripped over one of Jayce’s lego sets and wrecked it, so he cried sad tears through his batman mask.  But Hannah sat still for Chelsea and Chelsea sat still for Hannah, and everyone was happy.

Face Painting 6Face Painting 5Face Painting 10