Family Blessing Service

Our church had it’s family blessing service last weekend. Instead of the minister introducing our newest addition and praying for the family, they asked us to write a blessing for our child which we would read before the congregation at both services.

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For the first service, Chris held Hannah, I held onto Jayce, and read the blessing. I did make the mistake of looking at Hannah’s sweet face as I was starting off and cracked, but luckily I made it through without full on crying. Chris read it the second service and did not crack. We’ll just chalk that up to excessive experience in either public speaking or emotional suppression. 🙂

Our blessing was this.

Little Hannah,
Though it is any parent’s wish that their child will have all that their heart desires, and be spared of pain and sorrow, it is also an unreasonable and unlikely request.
So our prayer for you is this.
That in your moments of questioning, you will find peace in a Lord who has a plan for you.
That in your moments of pain, you will find comfort in a God who promises to wipe every tear from your eyes.
That your trials will make you stronger.
That your sorrows will make your joys so much sweeter.
That your outer beauty will be overshadowed by your inner beauty.
That you will love passionately, have your heart broken, and experience the fullness of a true love.
That your love for and service towards the Lord will be evident to those around you.
That the Lord will bless you with the desires of your heart, and that you will have the patience to allow him to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Family Blessing Service

  1. Okay, first of all that picture of Hannah is completely perfect. She is so precious.
    And that blessing gave me more goosebumps than ever. So well written. LOVE it.
    You guys are awesome!

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