Family Fall Photos

When I told Chris that I wanted to get family pictures taken he gave me the, “Erin, you just got an amazing brand new camera, and take a million pictures of our family each week, and now you want to spend more money on more pictures?” My answer was yes. I don’t want professional portraits done each season or each year, but since we have a new addition, I want pictures of our family of four.

We got the proofs last week and he had to agree that they are wonderful. Tammy did our family pictures when Jayce was born and it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. They are timeless, beautiful, and I still love them as much as the first time that I saw them. I was so excited that she could squeeze us in when we were on our way back from Florida last month, and the fall scenery was the perfect backdrop to get some photos of the four of us.

She made a beautiful little slideshow of the images, which I took these screenshots of, and you can see at this link.

It’s wonderful. One of my favorite parts is this video of Jayce that she included in the slideshow of the images. He was singing the theme song to his favorite show, Fireman Sam, while he played on the bars at this little playground. It’s just so him, corny as it may sound, and it makes me love him a bit more every time that I watch it.

I’ll share some of the pictures themselves once I get the edited images back. I can’t wait!

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  1. Erin there are some incredible pictures in there! I love the family pose with kissing the child the other parent is holding, I've never seen that before, it's very playful! A playground was a great setting too!

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