Father’s Day

Jayce is such a daddy’s boy. I will spare you all of the many ways that this is so, but the most prominent right now is that Jayce wants to be where ever his dad is.

We make a bit of a production of telling Chris goodbye in the morning-there is waving and kisses and Jayce watches him go out the door. But when Chris is home, if he leaves the room Jayce will suddenly look up from whatever he is playing with and take off after him towards the garage, laundry room, bathroom, etc. This picture below is from when Jayce encountered a closed bathroom door and had to sit outside, miserably. Before I grabbed the camera, he had been laying down on his stomach looking under the door. After this he started crying until Chris came out.

It is so funny to see the difference this year from last year’s Father’s Day. Jayce was just a newborn then and now he’s a very little boy!

Father’s Day 2008

Father’s Day 2009

We had a nice Father’s Day. Unfortunately, Chris had to go work because he has a big project that he is trying to wrap up before we leave for vacation(s) on Wednesday. But he came home in the early afternoon and we were still able to head out for a good dinner and have some family time.
We got him this toolbox, the big one, which he really needed and I thought was such a Father’s Day type of gift. The only toolbox that we’ve ever had is this one that I received from my aunt as a high school graduation gift, and still use. We currently have more tools than will fit into it, and I think Chris is a little embarrassed whenever another guy sees the toolbox, since it has daisy decor and is labeled “Erin’s Cool Tools 4 School.” 🙂 But the toolbox was filled with goodies, so don’t feel too bad for him for receiving something so domestic!