Favorite Projects of 2010

It seems like everywhere I look this week people are listing out their favorite projects of 2010.  We are doing something like that this week on LTC, except we are listing our favorite projects by our co-contributors, which is something that we decided to do months ago.  Anyway, as I was scrolling around the blog looking for links to my co-contributors posts, I was reminded of just how busy I’ve been.  Doing a project a week, and photographing it, writing a tutorial and posting it online is quite a bit of work and I am feeling a bit proud of all of these little items.  So I decided I will do my list of favorites on here.


Family Blocks. I loved these for decoration, learning and stacking.  We were just playing with them last week and I picked up one, asked Jayce who the family member went with and he knew.  I’m so glad that one of my goals of these blocks has been accomplished.



Welcome Blocks.  These thrift store blocks sat in my room for months and then in a few days underwent this fun transformation.  They were only in my etsy shop for a few days and were my first sale, and were also the first thing that Chris ever came home from work, noticed on his own, and said, “Did you make that?  That’s cool.”  So they will always have a special place in my heart.



Does LTC count?  It should.  Many hours of thinking, planning, and emailing went into it’s launch on March 1st.


If not than a quick second is my Book Page Egg Wreath. I was thrilled when Jen from Tatertots & Jello had me do a guest post for her and I did a little dance around my kitchen before whipping this baby up.  It turned out even better than it was in my head and I’ve kept it out all year round.



Vintage Clock Face.  I couldn’t believe that I pulled off something so Pottery Barn-looking and was crazy over this.  The woman who bought it from me used it for her newborn daughter’s birth announcement, with the baby’s torso and legs as the arms of the clock, and it was SO cute.



I went crazy with Valspar’s Mediterranean spray paint and did this Lamp Re-Vamp and Express Necklace Knockoff.  Don’t make me pick between them.




Distressed Blue Chair.  This was my first dumpster-rescued item, first attempt at painting furniture, and first distressed painting treatment.  I am still happy with the results even though so many firsts in one place can be risky.



Barn Wood Branches Wall Art.  This idea was in my head for months before I could get it all together and I was so pleased with it.  I loved the wood, loved the paint colors, the stencil and the result.



Chalkboard Desk Re-Do.  I smile EVERY time I see this little desk.  I love all of the little details, particularly that Jayce uses it regularly.



Potato Stamped Fall Pumpkins.  This is one of those projects that I thought of one morning and was completely finished with by the next afternoon.  I loved them, and the simple stitches on mom’s sewing machine are what made me realize that sewing isn’t nearly as bad as I’d built it up to be in my head.



All of my time and energy (spare and not) went into growing this little bean.  First trimester fatigue is a crazy!  Justin set me up perfectly to tell him about pregnancy when he asked me, “So is there anything that you’ve been working on recently that you’re really excited about?”  Yes, a baby!


But if we’re going for handmade things, I also did this beautiful Painted Mirror.  But I made Chris do the spray painting part.



Pizza Shop for Jayce.  I love it even more now that I’ve seen just how much he loves it.  It was worth every bit of hand and machine stitched effort.



My Chalkboard Christmas Card Display.  This frame finally made it out of the garage and into the house, I’m just wondering what took me so long.  The cards will come down but the frame won’t.



I’m linking these to Rhoda’s party and the CSI Project.



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  1. Wow-You are so inspiring-your creativity blows me away-so happy I found you through Rhoda's best of party-Love that stenciled mirror and the egg wreath-may try to copy that someday! I'm your newest follower!

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