Favorite Time of the Day


I just read an article in which various writers discussed the most meaningful part of their days. As I was reading these, I couldn’t help but think about my own favorite part, which only took me a second, it’s when Chris comes home from work.


As the night goes on we inevitably fall into our various routines: dinner, cleanup, bath, and bedtime. But for that first half hour or so, it’s all excitement. Jayce’s manner of greeting Chris when he walks in has evolved over the months, but there is always running, grinning and giggling. Then there is about 10-30 minutes of playing various games. No matter what game is the newest and greatest, there is always chasing, tickling, and laughing. Often they play horsey. In the summer there was swinging and a wagon ride down the street.


I am often tempted to spend this time being productive. I could work on dinner, make a quick trip to the gym, check my email, or finish up the laundry. But instead, I willingly allow myself to get sucked into game time. That way, I can get in on “I’m gonna get you,” spend time chasing and being chased by the “horsey,” and be another spotter for “Stand on the bed and fall down face forward.”


When I was coaching, I got to be the person who came home. As I was driving home I looked forward to “Hide under the covers from mom, and giggle constantly while she looks for me.” It is a good game.


I think that what is most prominent about this time of the day is the heightened excitement of us all being reunited. We’ve been looking forward to it, and once it happens, we all get caught up in celebrating. It’s not just dad coming home, or mom, but the celebration of us all being together as a family. It’s my favorite time.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Time of the Day

  1. You are so right. These moments are so valuable and precious. Any way we can show our kids how special they are – enough to spend one-on-one time with – what can be better?! Great post!

  2. Oh, you said it so perfectly. There is nothing like being home with your little family all together! So perfect. These pictures are just precious! Love it.

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