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I haven’t posted anything on I Heart Faces for a while, but I saw that their theme for the week is the best face photo, and this one immediately popped into my mind.

This was our first day home with Hannah from the hospital, she was three days old.

This was not a staged picture. I was sitting in the glider, bawling because Hannah wouldn’t wake up to eat despite all of my best efforts, so I had called Chris in to try to wake her up. He brought her over by the window hoping that the brightness might bring her out of her snooze, but no such luck. Despite my tears I couldn’t get over how beautiful the soft light was and the expression on his face. I grabbed my camera, took only a few pictures, and was in love with this one.

It looks like someone else was in love too.

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  1. Erin, this picture is so precious! Love that look on Chris' face, it is one of absolute love and adoration! Love it. What a fabulous capture!

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