Five For Friday: Right Now

A small round up of our slightly random, “happening right now” things.  Enjoy.

IMG 1883

1.) I ordered size tags this summer, and after receiving them, realized that they are exactly the type of thing that my kids would want immediately removed from their garments.  They were professional but scratchy, and I would never use them in any of the knit sewing that I’ve been doing lately.  But these hand-stamped-on-knit-scraps are juuust right.  In fact, they are so cute that I am tempted to never use them in anything, but sew them all together into a little numbered bunting to hang randomly around the house.  Or just at my sewing machine.  Who knows?  

Yellow floral swing top 5

2.) Our cheesy little girl has a new “trick” that helps her cope with her incoming molars.  
Example: She starts eating an apple.  She puts multiple slices in her mouth until it’s full, always chewing, never swallowing, chews and chews for 5-10 minutes or so, then comes over to me, grabs my hand palm-up, and spits a shocking amount of chewed up food into it.  Then she starts from the beginning.
Sometimes when we realize that this is happening we’ll take away the extra food.  Like we’ll give her one apple slice instead of a bowl of apple slices, and give her a piece at a time after she has actually swallowed them.  But sometimes we are caught by surprised since this trick is easily disguised as actual eating.  Last night at dinner we were all sitting at the table eating, and suddenly Hannah grabbed Chelsea’s hand and spit out a mouthful of chewed sausage, potatoes, and gravy.  This girl.
IMG 1932
3.) Chelsea and Chris ran the Richmond Half marathon last Sunday and did awesome, both beating their previous fastest times.  
IMG 1923
I managed to get both kids up, dressed, fed, make finish line signs, on the bus, and run over to the finish line (0.5 mile from the bus stop) in time for Jayce to run across it with Chelsea.
Ironically, Chris and Chelsea did not nap that afternoon.  The kids and I did.
IMG 1955
4.) Chelsea and I have been busy in the evenings assembling a small assortment of goodies and watching various versions of the X Factor, which she is now hooked on.  Among them are these bow ties.  Hannah thinks they are for her, and after seeing them keeps asking, “Mom, where’s Hannah’s bow-tique?”  🙂
I got a lot of love about these yesterday on Facebook and Instagram, so I decided to put a few in my Etsy shop as well.   I haven’t opened that baby in over a year, so it was kind of fun to play around with it again today, and the photos of the ties look so fun!
5.)  I’m doing a guest post today for Tasha over at I Seam Stressed while she bonds with her sweet new baby.  She asked me to share something sewing related, and even though I’ve had some success, I still feel like a new sewer and cross my fingers every time I sit down at the machine.  Honestly.
But I did manage to crank out a serious number of projects just before we left for vacation, so I’m sharing my methods for completing multiple sewing projects with a little bit of time.  Please stop over to say hi!
Chris was in Germany this week but is back now, and Chelsea and I are headed to Oxford and Regent street tomorrow for some girl time.  And lots of window shopping.  🙂  Happy weekend!

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  1. I love all your projects:) I think you will love sewing Oliver+ s patterns..I still remember completing my first pattern and couldn't believe how nice the dress turned out:)) Thanks for a fun blog to follow!!!

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