Five for Wednesday

Oh blog, how I have neglected you.  I know I always say this, but it has been incredibly crazy around here.  Here are just a few highlights.


1.) In the past few weeks Jayce has become a little human tornado.  I don’t know what has changed, but he has started constantly getting into everything, causing Chris and I to fondly reminiscing about how, back in the old days, when we didn’t want Jayce to get something we just put it up on a dresser or the counter.  He is just so darn tall and there is an abundance of stools in our house to assist him in his grabbing endeavors, and give me heart attacks over him almost falling off of.  Last week I reached my limit, and decided that all objects that assist him in this current form of orneriness would be temporarily moved into the basement until further notice, so I packed up the barstools, his little owl stool, and even his toilet.  A few days later, he started carrying this horse around, and bringing it into the kitchen to give him better access to the kitchen counters. 

Chris and I just looked at each other.  The boy is innovative.

2.) For those of you who are wondering or have asked how the wedding went last weekend, it was amazing!!  It was my intention to share a few of my favorite pictures, and after spending 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday sorting through 1,000+ images (just mine, combined we took over 4,000!), picking my favorite 20+, and doing some editing (I just couldn’t resist), my computer shut down and all was lost. (More on that in a minute) So now I am back to square one, it didn’t even save the “favorite-d” pictures, let alone the edits, so I promise to share a few once I am working with a new system. 

3.) As to the wedding photography experience, it was really incredible.  Though I will attribute that to a few factors. 

First, Christine is really a photographer and she has all of the tools at her disposal, including (but not limited to),

-being really friendly and a bit bubbly which people love and love to ham it up for,

-top of the line cameras and an array of lenses at her disposal to help her do her best,

-works in a cool city with great backdrops for any picture let alone wedding pictures,

-has done 75+ weddings in 5 wedding seasons, so has lots of experience to draw from,

-knows about photography, and knows which rules to follow and which ones to break,

-has a great eye to see cool and creative shot opportunities and makes them happen.

That said, working with her, and these tools, was fantastic.  The couple was also really great and fun-loving.  They had a bus full of their family and best friends, who spent the day teasing and loving them, and toasting to/with them, which egged on the teasing and loving, which egged on the drinking, and so on.  It made for a great atmosphere and a really fun day.

4.)  In one week we will be flying to Germany.  The volcano has not slowed anything down, thank goodness! 

5.)  My computer has been making my (online, photography, and blogging) life miserable for the past 6+ months, by running incredibly slow, regularly dropping the internet connection, and completely shutting down without warning.  (which is also why there are a lack of pictures in this post)

This (along with our tax refund) has prompted us to purchase a new computer this week.  And we switched sides, from a PC to a Mac.  Here’s to the future. 🙂

One thought on “Five for Wednesday

  1. Yay for Macs. You'll fall in love immediately. Ours was about the best purchase we have made as a married couple! : )

    Sorry about losing all of your edits and stuff. Oh, that would have frustrated me beyond belief. Hope it never happens to you again!

    How cool that you get to shoot with Christine! What a cool learning experience! So awesome.

    Also, Jayce is a smart little guy, just like his Mom & Dad! That is so funny that he found something to carry around and use to reach stuff. Love it.

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