Five on Friday

Me 1Hello!
1.)  I realized the other day that my last portrait was from 10 months ago, and I should probably take my own picture more than once a year.  Since January was my month of photography, it was the perfect time, and I got one that I’m happy with.  Funnily, (maybe?), I had to do this a few different times: some of the times I was more dolled up, my hair fixed, looking cute (kind of), with makeup, etc.  But when I would look at them later, I would think, “This looks like ‘dressed up me‘” or something like that.
But I think that this one just looks like me.  This is what I look like most of the time, hair up, glasses, and this thick scarf (because it’s cold!).  If it was zoomed out, I would be wearing sweats and holding a cup of tea. (Again, the cold thing).  Perhaps this is my residual self image? 
Resolutions2.) It’s February!!  Which means that as of today I can “officially” move on past my month of photography, and onto my month of knitting.  
I’ll write more about the month of photography and my class in another post, but the gist of it is, as expected, it was good and bad.  
The good: Through my class I learned.  That was the goal and I had some success.
The bad: In order to learn, I ended up taking lots of photos of inanimate objects while my kids were sleeping.  And I don’t like this.  I needed to do it in order to learn several of the technical things and new methods, and it was impossible to photograph my children when I was spending so much time staring at the back of my camera and switching the settings around.  
This all solidified something that I kind of already knew, I do like photography, but what I really like is family photography.  Particularly my family.  
 When I sat down at the end of the day to edit photos of the snow or our flat or the buildings, even the ones that turned out beautifully, I just wasn’t into it.  I wasn’t excited to see how the images turned out or eager to play around tweaking them here or there like I usually am.
I remember talking through this with a friend who really enjoys outdoor photography, and I had said, “I almost never see a beautiful building or landscape and think, ‘I want to take pictures of that! ‘ I think, ‘I want to take pictures of my kids playing in front of that.'”  
So there’s that. 
Snow 1 copy3.) That said, it has been really beautiful around here these past few weeks as the city was blanketed in snow.  I am glad that I was in this course while the weather was like this, because I was able to capture it in ways that I normally wouldn’t have thought to.  I just won’t be making a career out of this. 🙂
Cook 24.) This past month we have been able to return to one of our family dinner traditions from when we lived in Lincoln, pancakes for dinner.  We found pancake mix (kind of hard to find) and pancake syrup (harder to find and cost a fortune!) but it was so worth it.  We were all in heaven.  It’s strange how much you want something when you know that you can’t have it, and how comforting it was to have a meal from our old home in our new home.  
Cook 3Also, these pictures of Hannah helping Chris cook kill me.Whitebutton25.) I am guest posting this wonderful recipe at KoJo Designs today as a part of the Winter Whites series.  I just love Kirstin.  She’s a peach, our kids are roughly the same age so I’m always crushing on something amazing that she has just made for hers that I now need to make for mine, we’re both trying to decorate our new (white) homes without going crazy, and she’s a total sweetheart.  And she lets me post at her site occasionally when I get the bug to write up a tutorial. 🙂
Puppychowbowl 2labelledAs to the puppy chow, I may or may not have made this 3 times in the last month for one reason or another.  It’s a problem, really.  However, even my English friends like it despite all of the times that I’ve heard, “Oh British people don’t understand why Americans like peanut butter and chocolate together.”  It turns out that some of them understand it perfectly.  
It also inspired Hannah to start saying “puppy,” something that she has never said before, preferring to call dogs “ruff ruffs.”  But now, if she sees some white squares in a bowl, will yell “Puppy! Puppy!” until we give her some.  Not that she’s the boss around here. 
Happy Friday!  These days I’m just as excited as a kid out of school about the weekend. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Hi Erin,

    Nice picture! You can usually find Betty Crocker brand pancake mix at Asda and Sainsburys, the "just add milk" kind. We usually use golden syrup for pancake syrup! xx

  2. Your ambition to focus on something every month has got me brainstorming. So, thank you for the inspiration. I am sure that the photography thing will progress throughout the year.

    I understand the pancake syrup thing. It is the only thing I have people mail us. The fake stuff and the real New England stuff. I even had my mom send some Mapleine (maple flavoring) which is very hard to find but in a pinch you can make your own syrup. David can't wait for Pancake Day (Fat Tuesday).

    As the British don't understand chocolate and peanut butter, I do not understand the obsession with orange and chocolate. I say the American mixture is far superior.

    Let me know if I can help with February's adventure.


  3. I totally agree about the family photography thing. I can't get into anything else either! Love the pictures, and am currently munching on puppy chow for 'lunch' so perfect timing to read! 🙂

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