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This week I received a belated birthday package in the mail from my fabulous brother.  I was beside myself with excitement and eager to try it out.  You see it pictured below, a seemingly simple plastic attachment that snaps on your camera over the attached flash, which everyone knows is the root of all evil in picture-taking.  The purpose of this bouncer is to help you become friends again with your flash instead of NEVER using it, which is what I currently do. 


Inside the plastic casing is a little mirror (Hi Erin!), which, when the flash fires, bounces the light to the ceiling or wall (depending on how you’re holding the camera), which lights up the room for split second while you snap the picture. 

2009_11_14_4200It is worth noting that if you have a remotely curious child in the vicinity while you are taking pictures with the help of this bouncer, it will lure them in quickly and effectively.  I think it might have something to do with them seeing that there is a bright flash, but since they aren’t blinded by it, they are curious about it. Or maybe the camera in general is less inconspicuous since you are using the flash in some form instead of not at all.

Anyway, here are a few examples of this baby in action. 

“No Flash” setting.


Manual setting, no flash.


Manual setting, with flash. (See how dark the background is?)


Manual, with flash and light bouncer.


Wish I still had the flash and bouncer on in this shot, he looked up because I had just used the bouncer.  It’s like bees to honey.


Again, flash with no bouncer.2009_11_19_4287

Flash with bouncer.2009_11_19_4286

You see the difference too, don’t you?  It’s such a softer light, and preferable to “no flash” if the room is dark.  It also can light up the whole room, not just a closely situated subject. 

Room softly lit with the flash bouncer…


and room lit by blinding flash on camera.  Also, as noted previously, the child cannot resist running towards the camera.


This little baby is a gem and I can’t wait to use it more!  Also, please tell me that I’m not crazy and that you can see the difference too.  It will just make me feel a little better about torturing my child with these various flash options as he innocently tried to read his books.

Thanks Justin & Tasha!

8 thoughts on “Flash Bouncer

  1. So I don't even have an SLR yet and I'm already learning about how to make the shots look better! I'll put that thing on my wish-list…right under the camera! 🙂

  2. Thanks guys! There were a lot more before and afters that I didn't post, I'm sure you're surprised. 🙂

    Anyway, I pulled out the pamphlet and it is called "Professor Kobre's Light Scoop," and the website is http://www.lightscoop.com. I haven't checked out they site yet, but I'm sure there are buying instructions. My brother is a master at E-bay though, so I would guess that mine came from there. Hope this helps!

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