Flippy 19One morning last week Hannah was sitting perfectly still.  
I should stop right there for a second, because that is an event in itself.  
Flippy 28It was a good combination of her being a bit sleepy, a fresh bowl of Cheerios to snack on, and a silly show that Jayce was watching.  She planted herself on a pillow and was still.  
She was so still that I stuck a clip in her hair and she didn’t even notice.
Flippy 22I seized the opportunity to get a few photos of one of her most defining characteristics at the moment, aside from the sass, her soft, flipp-y little curls.
Flippy 18Flippy 21Flippy 29Flippy 31Straight out of the bathtub, they are tight little ringlets, but just at the bottom.  After a night of sleeping on them, they are soft and delicate.  It is impossible to be sitting near her and not reach over, twist the curls around your fingers, comb them back and forth, try to pull them into little pony tails and then brush them back down exactly as they were.  
Flippy 25Eventually she spotted me,
Flippy 26but I was no match for whatever show was on at the time.
Flippy 23
Then I put away my camera and stopped resisting her.  I pulled her into my lap and sat down on the rocker, so we could rock and snuggle, and I had complete access to her to her plump cheeks.  And those flips.

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