Florida: The Beach

Our family takes a trip to Florida every summer.  Chris and I have done this for over 10 years now.  It started while we were dating and continued after we were married.  We even managed a trip down once while we were visiting from Scotland.  We have been thrilled that once we started a family of our own, that we would bring our children to our favorite “beach places” and on these adventures as well.  (We also started dating shortly after a spring break trip to Florida in college, but that is another story.)

Beach 2

We knew that this summer would be different, with Hannah being born at the start of June.  We didn’t think that there would be much point in making such a long drive, when one of us would always have to be inside with her, since she was an infant, couldn’t use sunscreen yet, and even in the shade it would be too hot outside for her.  But in October Chris was going to be speaking in Texas, and since it was right before spring break there was just enough time for us make it to Florida then.  So we went.

Beach 3

We spent the week in Destin, as always, and it was fabulous.  The weather was ridiculously ideal.  Sunny every day other than our arrival and departure days.  The humidity was low and the temperature was perfect, high 70s to mid 80s.  This was a thrill considering our trip last year, where the sun never graced us with it’s presence.  (We had a good time then anyway, but it is a long and expensive trip to make just to ride bikes and go to the movies!)

Beach 1

Jayce has been talking about going to the beach to build sandcastles since the winter, so he loved it.  He was a little nervous about the ocean at first but could have played in the sand forever.  He built sandcastles and sand volcanos.  He buried his legs.  He grabbed handfuls of sand, made sand “snowballs” and threw them at the seagulls, chasing them away.  The people sitting nearby applauded him and thanked him.

Beach 4

Jayce, Hannah and I went to Florida with Andy and Patsy while Chris was doing lectures in Texas.  As soon as Chris’ plane landed in Kentucky, he drove down to join us.

Beach 5

We only managed 1 day with all 4 of us at the beach.  It was all that I could hope for.

Beach 5

It was also the only day that I took pictures at the beach.

Beach 6

My new camera arrived the day before we left for vacation.  (In the late afternoon too-I was really stressed that we were going to leave before it arrived!)

Beach 8

Hannah and I camped out under the umbrella while the boys played.  She looked around for a while and eventually dozed off.  I just soaked it all in.  I pulled my camera out for 5 minutes the whole time that we were there, and my only photos are what I could manage with just one hand (which was tough b/c I had my heavy lens on), from under the umbrella, and with as little movement as possible as to not disturb my sleeping babe.

Beach 7


Beach 9

It was great.  I was happy to have a few photos to remember it by, but glad to tuck the camera safely away so that nothing would distract me from the sun and sand.

Beach 10


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