Fluttery Floral Tunic Dress

Tunic 9I have wanted to make a flutter sleeved tunic ever since I saw this tutorial on Delia Creates over a year ago, and I finally did it.  
Tunic 11Tunic 5I had this lightweight Liberty of London-esq fabric that was perfect.  
Tunic 13Tunic 12Tunic 8Several of the dresses that I’ve made recently have been lined, but this fabric was so thin and breezy, I wanted a pattern that would accommodate it just right for summer, and I got it.
It’s perfect for running away from me, squatting on the ground, and deciding which direction to run next.
Tunic 14Tunic 15This is the fun thing about having all of these brick pathways to walk along.  There are no cars, so your kids can just run run run…away from you, while you try to take their picture.  
Tunic 1Tunic 4And that is just fine with me.

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