Flying to London

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Last Wednesday, at 3:00 am, I got both kids up and loaded them into the car to drive to the airport and begin our move to London.  
It was the start of one of the worst days ever.  I’m not going to elaborate in any detail, but generally think about anything that you might have problems with when flying, with a 1 and 4 year old, on 2 international flights, while moving you and all of your possessions, and beginning your day on 3 hours of sleep.  Almost all of those hiccups occurred.  

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I could not have done it without Chelsea, who was tireless in her enthusiasm, never complained, and kept me from unravelling on what was truly one of the most stressful days of my life.
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But now that day is over and we are here.
 These are a few of the pics that I would have been instagramming if it were still an option to do so.
More soon.  We JUST got a reliable internet connection and I am eager to share pictures and happenings, particularly now that I am caught up on my sleep a bit. 🙂

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