Found Our Fall Fun: Kew Gardens


We had a strange experience last year once fall came around.  We started itching for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hot apple cider, and those sorts of things that made it feel like fall was really here, except, we didn’t have access to that in London.  There are farms and things, but none of them were very close to us, or very easy to get to without a car.  Which is why I was ecstatic when I found out that one of our favorite places was having various sorts of pumpkins activities in the month of October.  

We went on the opening day. 

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 17Kew Gardens Pumpkins 13

It’s funny how kids are often delighted by the simplest things, like pumpkins, but maybe they picked up on our enthusiasm as well.  The picture below made me laugh when I saw it in my camera, because it so clearly says, “OHMYGOSHPUMPKINS!!”

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 4

When we saw the pumpkins from across the park, they both yelled for them and Hannah took off running.  Jayce got sidetracked by the aquarium in the greenhouse, so Chris took him while Chelsea, Hannah, and I headed for the pumpkins.

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 11Kew Gardens Pumpkins 10

 Hannah kept finding the smallest pumpkins, declaring “Baby pumpkin!  Awwww!!” and then snuggling them up to her cheek.  Then she would chuck them back into the pile, which, I think is frowned upon at a place that calls their pumpkin exhibits “pumpkin sculptures.”  I tried to alleviate pumpkin-throwing whenever I could, and luckily she was very easily distracted.

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 6Kew Gardens Pumpkins 7Kew Gardens Pumpkins 8Kew Gardens Pumpkins 9Kew Gardens Pumpkins 5

When Jayce and Chris re-joined us, they took a quick peek in at the pumpkin tower, but really, it was all about the pumpkin carving demonstrations.

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 16Kew Gardens Pumpkins 18Kew Gardens Pumpkins 2Kew Gardens Pumpkins 15

Hannah was crazy about the Jack O Lanterns.  She kept declaring, “Mom, look!  I make silly pumpkin face!”  Then she did this all day and made us do it back to her. 

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 20Kew Gardens Pumpkins 22Kew Gardens Pumpkins 24Kew Gardens Pumpkins 25

We wandered around these crazy sculptures that they had along the walkway before heading towards the playground and coffee shop.

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 31Kew Gardens Pumpkins 32Kew Gardens Pumpkins 21

Chris decided passive aggressively show us how interested he was in walking any further, but instead of letting him sleep, we joined him.  And then Chelsea took our picture.

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 26

So I’m in some pictures.  Crazy. 

Kew Gardens Pumpkins 29Kew Gardens Pumpkins 28Kew Gardens Pumpkins 33Kew Gardens Pumpkins 34Kew Gardens Pumpkins 36

Then we traded the camera for some very hot coffee, let the kids play for a while, and eventually headed home for a big pot of chili, the U of L game, and a good night of sleep for all.

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  1. I LOVE seeing YOU in some pictures! You look great as always. So glad you found a 'pumpkin patch' of sorts, that is incredibly important for fall happiness! Miss yoU!

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