One of the plazas in Destin has these cool fountains that turn on randomly and there are always kids running through them. We went up there one night for ice cream and tried to take Jayce to play at a little playground that is beside the fountains, but he had no interest in the playground and headed for the water instead.
He loved them!! He would run towards the fountains and when they turned on would turn around and run back over to where we were sitting, it was hilarious! Most of the kids that were running through the water were screaming, so Jayce started randomly screaming as he ran around. He also made a few passes between the fountains and managed to get soaked, and even got knocked over when one turned on that he had been checking out.

Jayce was such a good sport throughout many hours of traveling and his schedule being so out of whack. Needless to say he slept like a charm every night and is still catching up on his sleep, which has left me with more time than usual these last few days to play with photo editing, which is probably pretty obvious. Chris told me that the beach pictures look overly “messed with.” I’m still just experimenting, give me a break! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fountain

  1. These pictures are adorable! I can't get over how big Jayce is. Clearly, I haven't seen you guys very much lately, and I'm sad I won't be around much longer to hang out either! 🙁 Really wish we could have hung out more in the past year!

  2. For what it's worth, I thought the beach pictures were really great! I wasn't sure if you had been able to pull that off with the camera or with the editing. These are great as well!

  3. He's so freaking cute!
    And your pictures are awesome Erin, they look really cool – you rock!

  4. Actually these pictures hadn't turned out very well, the lighting or focus was off in all of them, so I tried to save them by making them a bit more artsy. Thanks for the boost of confidence everyone. 🙂

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