Four Dresses, Three Too Big

3dress 30

Dress 1: This was my second ever Geranium, and actually it’s not a dress, it’s a shirt.  I had just enough fabric to make it a top, but I think it’s perfect like that.

3dress 33

When I was putting it together, attaching the top to the bottom, I thought that maybe the pattern was a bit too much.  That I should have done either the top or the bottom portion with a plain fabric instead of using the print for the whole thing, but once I put it on Hannah I was so glad I kept it like it is.  

3dress 26

I love it, it’s my favorite.

3dress 25

I pleated the skirt portion, used the flutter sleeve option, and gave a slight v-notch on the neck.  

3dress 23

It’s so sweet.  Girly and fluttery and full and summery.  
3dress 29And in this picture she is literally eating pretzels out of my camera lens cap.  Maybe I shouldn’t let her do that?

3dress 4

Dress 2: This was my third Geranium.
3dress 3It was the first time I tried the cap sleeve option and I really like the look of it.  It’s simple but cute.3dress 2I made the dress a bit longer, I think in some sort of reaction to having to make the last one short because I didn’t have enough fabric.  But now that I’m looking at these pictures I’m going to go back and take the hem up on this one because it just looks like the whole things is a little too big for her and is swallowing her up.  But I want her to wear it this summer, the bottom fabric is such a fun summery floral print, so it needs to have it’s day in the sun, literally.

3dress 53dress 1

Dress 3: This dress I made using an old sequined tank of mine that I cut down, lined with another knit fabric, and made the skirt with some of the blue fabric from the top of the Geranium pictured above.
3dress 8I used this tutorial that comes with a free 2T sized pattern, and sadly it’s just too wide for Hannah this year and the straps keep falling down.  She really liked the sequins though, and kept saying “Mommy, dress a pretty!” So I think that was a good sign.
3dress 11But yeah, the straps were driving us both crazy.
3dress 193dress 20It was really good for duck feeding though.
3dress 15I used elastic thread in the bottom so that the skirt would stretch a bit like the knit top, but other than that it was pretty straightforward.  It will be great for next year.
3dress 18Dress 4.  No pictures of Hannah in this one because it is waaay too big.  Which makes me sad because it is pretty fun.
IMG 1513I followed this tutorial for a Miniboden knock off and I love it.  I used an old Gap tank top of mine that was a bit too stretched out, but still really soft and comfy, and it saved me having to hem it.  I used scraps for the circle appliqués and ties, so this one was super cheap.  The circles were a bit tedious to sew on, so I just did them a bit at a time, kind of making a game out of it, like every time I sat down at my machine I had to first sew all of a certain color of the circles or something like that.  
I tried shortening the straps and taking in the armpit area to make this one a bit smaller, but unfortunately it is massive on Hannah. So she is set for next year, or maybe even in the fall over a long sleeved shirt or something. 
Anyway, there are 4 dresses.  Whew!

2 thoughts on “Four Dresses, Three Too Big

  1. I saw your geraniums on the KCW site – they're all adorable! I can't believe you've only been sewing clothes for a few months – they look great!

    Just FYI: I think you need to add the http:// to your blog link in your KCW profile so people can link directly over – I tried clicking over and it wouldn't connect…

  2. Erin, these are all amazing! I am so impressed that you just dove right in and are cranking out beautiful dresses/tops all over the place! That blue geranium floral top is my favorite too! That fabric is perfect and I love the style! You are inspiring me. Maybe one of these days I will make time to sew again…

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