Four Months of Fun

(This post is slightly late, but that is what happens when you leave for 2 weeks on the 4 month birthday. But the pictures and sentiments are from that time.)

Sweet girl, I can’t believe we’ve had you for 4 months already. Where has the time gone?

Hannahnmom 2

For the first few months you didn’t change a lot, but now you add a new trick every week.

You rolled for the first time at 14 weeks. At the beginning of the week I’d put you on your belly, and you would bury your head into the blanket and kind of smash your face into it. That weekend, I put you on your belly and you arched your back so that you were almost straight up. I commented that if you kept up at that pace that you’d be rolling in no time, and then you rolled over. There was no hint of this happening, so I wasn’t ready with a camera or phone to get evidence.

It was such a surprise, that your dad, who was watching the UL vs UK football game at the time, came running in to see the action. You repeated your performance for him and later for Grandma and Chelsea on Skype. Big girl. This is way earlier than your brother.

Hannahnmom 3

At 15 weeks, you do this pilates-esq reaching thing. Legs straight out and up about 45 degrees, arms straight out in front of you, reaching for your toes. You eventually roll to your side to keep reaching.

At 16 weeks you sometimes have tiny bubbles on your lips and have started to chew your fingers. You aren’t drooling, but I think teething is ahead of us. You also had your first sick doctor’s appointment, for your first cold, but luckily we avoided your first round of antibiotics for now.

At 18 weeks you rolled from your back to your belly. Now I’m wondering how long it will be until you are rolling across the floor from one side to the other.

Hannahnmom 4

Your 4 month well visit went perfectly. Actually, they didn’t even ask us most of the questions, the nurse would just say things like, “Yes, she definitely has control of her torso…she’s obviously verbal…yes, she’s engaged when you talk to her...etc.”

You are 13 lb, 12 oz, in the 55th percentile for weight.

You are 25 1/2 inches long, in the 79th percentile for height.

Hannahnmom 5

Your huge smiles make my day, every day, and I cannot kiss your chubby cheeks enough. You’re so sweet. We sing, “She’s a sweet thing…” to you all the time. Especially your dad.

Actually, I usually sing Crazy Girl to you, because you are always flinging yourself around in my arms, trying to lay down, trying to look the other way, etc. I’ll say, “Whoa, crazy girl!” and then go into the chorus, “Crazy girl, don’t you know that I love you?” Plus it is easy to substitute in other words ending in y, like, “…sleepy girl, come here let me hold you…” I don’t know what it is about sweet babies that makes you turn everything into a song for them? Someday you’ll understand.

Hannahnmom 6

Have I told you lately? I love you like crazy, girl.

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