Hannah.  You should know that right now, at this exact age, (22-ish months), is where your dad and I would like to freeze you.Step 1You are SO fun.  So so fun.  
You are chattering all the time.  Walking around the house, being pushed in your stroller, riding the bus, playing with your toys-it doesn’t matter.  You are narrating what you see, reacting to it, telling us about it, and engaging in it, and with your ever expanding vocabulary and baby pronunciation, it is often a joy to listen.
Oh!  A cat!!  Hi cat!! Meow.  Mommy, a cat go? Where gone cat? Ca-at!  Where are you cat?!  Oh, flower!!  Mom, flower!  Bu-ful flower.  Smell flower?  Delicious. (Yes she thinks flowers smell delicious.)
As I’m typing this out, I realize that it sounds a little crazy and maybe a bit much.  And sometimes it is.  But it is so funny too.  More and more of the baby babble are actual words and it is a delight to hear you actually speaking in little fragmented sentences.
DaddyA chocolate cookie!  Come on! 
Listening to the joy in your voice as you react to the things around you makes it almost impossible not get excited with you.
Hsteps 2You are hugging us with tight squeezes around the neck.  You often decide that it is time for squeezes or kisses and won’t sit down until everyone in the house has received them, at least once.  But you normally reserve multiple hugs for Jayce, who is the least excited to receive them.
You are repeating what you hear in hilariously appropriate times.  It just makes me laugh how spot on you normally are.
Yesterday I loudly exclaimed “Oh no!” to myself when I realized that I had forgotten something.  You came running over with a concerned face, and said, “A wrong mommy? You okay?”
If we sneeze or cough, you’ll say bless you, “Besh you. Besh you mommy. A cough.” 
You say “yes sir” now, even to me.  I remember Jayce going through the phase of saying “yes sir” to me as well, though he was much older.  But it sounds so funny though in your little voice and pronunciation, which sounds like “ye-shu.”  I smile every time.
Hsteps 3I think you have a little crush on one of the tv presenters on the kids channel, Andy.  I don’t really know why he stands out to you, he isn’t on a favorite show or anything.  But I noticed last week that when he’s on, you yell “Andy!,” run over in front of the tv, and smile and dance around a little bit.  True, he is a part of a duet that dances and sings about a different number every day, but you seem to like him in between as well.  This morning you were playing on your phone and I heard you saying, “Wha doin’ Andy? Okay.  Buh byeSee you soon.”  So I guess now we have to deal with you pretend talking on the phone with boys.  Dress 11You still just LOVE your bear.  Whenever you first grab it, you give it a bit hug between your cheek and shoulder and say “Awwww!!” like you are in the picture above.  It is so precious.  I have no intention of taking that thing away from you.  The paci, however, it’s days are numbered.
Dress 13Your favorite other thing right now is a show (and the characters) called In the Night Garden, but you call it Iggle Piggle, who is the main character.  Whoever made it has obviously cracked into the minds of 1 and 2 year olds everywhere, because little kids are crazy over it and you are no exception.  Even though I can barely pronounce the names of the characters and their things (the Ninky Nonk, Macka Packa, The Tombleyboos, etc.) you declare all of their names as soon as they pop up onto the screen and just adore the whole thing.
There is a live show coming to Richmond this summer, and though your dad isn’t happy about it, I think we’ll be taking you.  You are absolutely delighted every time that it comes on, so I can’t wait to see how you’d respond to seeing it in person. 
There are a million other things that you do every day that just kill me and try as I may, I just can’t get pictures of them all or remember each thing to record here.  So if you could just freeze at this age for a little bit, that would be great.

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