Friday Five: Our House This Week

Feb4 11

1.) Jayce and I had a little out of town date this week. Chris was having some guys over that he mentors from school, so we decided to make ourselves scarce by heading to Springfield for an early dinner and a little shopping. We went to McDonald’s, ate chicken nuggets and smoothies, I let him run around in the play land for longer than usual, and then we headed to Target where I let him play with a “beeper gun.” Yep, I decided to start a registry there.

Now I don’t really know how I feel about having a registry for a 2nd baby, but there are things that we need for this new baby and I know that Target sends you a coupon for the items still on your registry, so we might as well get 10% off our mattress and new bottles, right? Plus, I knew it would put me on a mailing list for some good coupons, in addition to really entertaining Jayce, so we went for it. It was even better than a bag of M&Ms, distraction-wise.

Feb4 14

2.) As we were strolling around the baby section, I came across this darling little bathing suit. I told myself, “Now there’s no reason to buy the first little girl bathing suit that you come across, I’m sure there are plenty more cute ones to drool over. You don’t even like pink that much, so it’s not like this suit is ‘so you’ or anything.” But, even though I was telling myself these things, I couldn’t make myself put it back on the shelf, and somehow it landed in the cart. So now I have “officially” starting buying things for our little girl. And I’m kicking myself for not getting the little pink sun hat that went with it.

Feb4 7

3.) Last week I bought this fabulous lens that I have been saving for FOREVER!! Really, for months. All of my Etsy money, Christmas money, and any other money that I received went into my little savings account for this baby (after Chris put 10% in savings and 10% to tithe, which I agree with, but it hurts!!). Anyway, Chris had made some extra money recently and for Valentine’s Day he gave it to me. It was just enough to bump me up to my goal!!! Yay!!! We ordered it last week and it arrived Wednesday. It’s enormous, heavy, and wonderful. It was my favorite lens to shoot with when I did weddings with Christine (and hers too, so I didn’t get to use it a ton), and now I have it to use on my own! I really wanted to get it before the baby arrived and I’m so glad that I did!!

Feb4 8

4.) Poor Jayce has been sick this and last week. Last week I was convinced that he had some molars coming in or something, b/c he kept chewing on his fingers (uncharacteristically), with a fever and stuffed nose, but no other symptoms. But as the week wore on his fever never went away, he started waking up at night and stopped eating. I took him in to discover that he had a sinus infection and we headed home with anti-biotics. But over the weekend instead of getting better he started coughing, and by mid-week he had that horrible chest congestion that left him coughing and choking and gasping for breath. It’s horrible. We now have him on Amoxi/K Clav, also a nightmare b/c it is a half teaspoon dose 2 times per day for 10 DAYS and he hates it! We have to literally pin him down and force him to drink it, while he cries, and since it needs to be taken every 12 hours it is unfortunately the way that we start and end the day. It stinks, all around. I really can’t wait to kick this one.

Week 3 1

5.) Last week, the weather was wonderful. 40s, 50s, then 60s. We went outside and in one hour played all of the outdoor games: mowed the lawn, a round of golf, round of t-ball, kicked the soccer ball, climbed the “snow mountains” that were still left, drew with sidewalk chalk, and dribbled the basketball. We even put up the swing and went for a walk around the block. But this week it is back in the 30s, so we have been doing whatever it takes to be entertained. There can’t be that many more days of winter left, right?

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  1. i've been wondering about registries/showers this time around too… since mine's another boy i wasn't planning on it, but people keep asking me when it's going to be, so i might give in and let them spoil us again. we did an amazon registry, when i told tim i was hesitant he said "that's dumb, people are going to want to buy something for the baby, might as well let them know what we need" šŸ˜‰ i hope jayce feels better soon!!!

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