Friday Five

I have so many mini things to share here, and the time just keeps getting further and further away from me, so I think that the only way for me to get through them is to turn to bulleted lists, which for the record, gosh I love so much. :)  I’ve said before that my friend Tiffany does a Five for Friday, which I love, so I am borrowing it today.  Thanks Tiffany!


1.) A few weeks ago, instead of leaving me with my allotted 2 cups of coffee, Chris left me with 1 and less than a half.  Determined to make the most of it, I put it in a small mug to try to make it seem like there was more and trick myself into being satisfied with it.  But when I finished, I set it too close to the edge of the table, Jayce got a hold of it (empty), it fell and broke.

The mug was a souvenir from this amazing German market that we frequented during the Christmas season while we lived in Scotland.  It was so satisfying to stand out in the brisk Scottish winter, sipping on mulled wine from one of these mugs while you chatted with friends or browsed the German goods that were for sale. 

2.) Which brings me to item #2. I have other mugs from that market so all is not lost, but it brings back a debate that Chris and I often have about functional souvenirs like this.  I say use them, he says don’t.  I had already ruined 2 mugs that we brought back from Rome, which had beautiful sepia toned depictions of St Peter’s Square and the Coliseum, but after a careless run in with the dishwasher  they were reduced to 2 plain white mugs.  If I keep using these sorts of things, eventually they will all be broken, cracked or completely ruined.  But if I just put them up high and never take them down, then I won’t periodically smile and run my thumb over the design on the side, remembering the circumstances in which they were purchased.


3.) Over the last few weeks, Jayce has decided that it is finally time to start trying to talk, instead of being satisfied to call everything “ga” or “da ya.”  It is such a relief to hear the variety of sounds that are now pouring out with minor prompting.  When asking him to say please, I used to think, “Just make ANY of the sounds in that word.  The P, or the E, or the S…just not ga!”  And now, for some unknown reason all of those sounds are coming together.  I guess all of those people who said, “He’ll start when he’s ready,” were right.


4.) I’m making my first trip to Chicago this weekend to be the second shooter on a wedding with Christine, as I’ve said.  I found out this week that the wedding will be at the historic Old St Patrick’s Church, the oldest church in Chicago which is beautiful, but incredibly strict, so that should be an interesting experience.  After the ceremony we will be taking a party bus around the city for 2 hours to photograph the wedding party at various Chicago sites, before heading on to the reception.  Isn’t that crazy?!  Like, crazy in a good way. What a fun thing to do, and a lucky way for me to be able to see some of Chicago’s best!

5.) The other day I fixed Jayce a smoothie, as I have many times before, and set him down in his high chair to enjoy.  I went to get some clothes in the other room when I heard him start cracking up.  I got my video camera and tried to remain inconspicuous at first, as the camera is usually the best way to get him to stop whatever he is doing, but it turns out that whatever he was doing was more interesting than me with the camera.

It’s a little bit gross, in that, “kid with food on their face” kind of way.  But despite that, it is cute in that, “kid laughing hysterically” kind of way.  Below is Take #2, once I realized that my presence wouldn’t deter him in the least.

I think bubble blowing was the cause for all of the hilarity.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  1. This totally made my day! Your little man is so precious! Thank you for sharing.

    I have been following your blog for about 2 months now and just adore your sweet family. Your talents are a blessing to observe!
    🙂 Katriana

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