Jayce has just started his spring break today, which is a staggering 17 days long.  Wha?!  I know.  Unfortunately, the kids don’t play well together, as I’ve mentioned before.  Jayce likes things just so, Hannah is a human wrecking ball, and it’s not a good combination.
IMG 1108IMG 1106But I might have found a plan that is a winner.  Take them on a walk, take the small stroller, let Jayce “stroll” Hannah, as he calls it.  IMG 1107He ran behind the stroller and then stopped about every 20 seconds, peeked around at her and said, “Was that fun Hannah?”  Then he started again.  She even got a kiss one time.
IMG 1105IMG 1104But smiles from both?  This is success.IMG 11031 day down, 16 to go.  I need all of the tricks that I can get.
If anyone has “happy sibling activity suggestions,” I’ll gladly welcome them! 🙂

One thought on “Friends

  1. I don't know how fond the kids are of painting and crafting, but I've found that several children that don't get along can spend hours in (almost) complete silence while painitng/drawing/crafting…

    Google some crafts to do that could fit both and give them spot each at the table (not to close).

    Two ideas to start with: Torn paper pictures ( or paint empty eggs (

    If you have fabric pens or paint you could give them each a white tshirt and let them make their own, I always like doing that myself. ^^

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