Jayce keeps me pretty entertained on a daily basis. I am always intrigued with whatever new game he has come up with that has absolutely nothing to do with any of his actual toys. Yesterday he was all wrapped up in one of these games. He discovered that one of Chris’ drawers was open a bit and decided to empty the contents completely into a nearby basket.
After all of the clothes were piled up in the basket, he pulled out Chris’ swim trunks and decided to drag them around the house by the string. For about 15 minutes, Jayce did nothing but walk circles around the house, dragging the shorts behind him. He was so fully engrossed in this, that I unloaded the dishwasher, sorted and put a few loads of laundry in, fixed myself something to eat and of course snuck a few pictures. I hope that you can appreciate just how long 15 minutes is for a 1 year old to do just one thing. You would have thought that dragging those shorts around was the most important job in the world-he never wavered when he walked by any of his toys and he wouldn’t even look at me.

On one of the later laps, he got tangled in the string when he was changing directions and tripped. He picked the shorts up by the waistband, and from that point on, every lap was made while holding the shorts straight out at shoulder height. This must have worn him out more than the dragging, because he wrapped up pretty quickly after this, and returned the shorts to the basket.

All in a day’s work.

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  1. that's awesome! 15 minutes is an eternity for them to keep busy on one thing at that age… my little guy was dragging a crock pot around by the cord this morning.

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