Gems During the Bedtime Stall Time

The bedtime stall is the source of my biggest love/hate relationship.  I hate it but I love it.  It’s strange how both things are so fully and equally true.
Hannah bw 1
I realize that the whole “the kids just won’t go to bed” story is the oldest in the book and not very interesting.  We can all just agree that our kids are worth it (times infinity), but the process of going through the evening periodically remembering things that require your attention but are instead allocated into your mental back pocket is very tiring. (I never emailed so-and-so back two days ago!  Must get those clothes out of the washer!  Must find some clippers because this hangnail is going to be the end of me!)  By the time we get through dinner/ clean up/ bath time/ pjs/ story time,  I wander downstairs trying to remember what required my urgent attention, and the only thing happening in my mind is a little like the “beeeeeeeeeep” of the Emergency Broadcast System.
Then I plop down on the couch with Chris and only remember once I’m in bed that I never hung up the laundry.  (Ask him how many times this has happened.)  And I just forget that I never responded to that email, which is why I am NOT one of those people who uses their inbox as a To-Do list.  Sorry friends!
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That said, once my kids have had a few minutes to themselves in their beds, have already gotten up for water and bathroom trips, and extra hugs and kisses goodnight, the funniest little things start floating around in their heads.  When they are removed from the distraction of their toys, the tv, and anything else, they suddenly remember all sorts of details that had previously been forgotten about, or something they were thinking about and dying to tell us.  And these are GEMS. 
They’re not necessarily always deep, but occasionally they are.

They’re often funny, but not roll-on-the-floor-with-laughter funny.  It’s just always so amusing to discover what is rolling around in kids’ heads.
Mom, some day can we get Wifi?
We have Wifi buddy.
Oh.  What is Wifi?
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 9
Me: Thanks for letting me take those pictures today of you in your cool knight hoodie.  Now I can send those to your grandmas and grandpas so they can see.
J: Are you going to put them on Google?
Me: Uhh…no…?
J: Oh.  I love Google.
Navy Floral Giraffe 1The other night when I was rocking Hannah before bed, she told me ALL about her day.  About her friend whose name she couldn’t remember, to how many times she used the potty, to how she drank her warm milk all up into her tummy.  She’d had a nightmare the night before and all of the major child-fear players were involved: monsters, spiders, and dinosaurs.
10689718 10152784391029319 5318507590532659099 nWe actually just found out that she was afraid of dinosaurs last week when she filled out her preschool About Me sheet.  Not only is she afraid of dinosaurs, but “more dinosaurs” as well.  
Like I said, gems.
I wish I could remember more of them right now and I always think when I’m in the middle of these conversations that I wished I had a little recorder, but for now this will have to do.  

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