Goodbye Chelsea!

The first time that Chelsea came to visit us after Hannah was born, she drove over from Akron by herself, stayed for a week, played with the kids and helped me every way that she could while I attempted to regain my sanity.  Before she left I got a picture of her and the kids in the living room together, and accidentally started a tradition.
Since then every time that she’s about to leave, she gets the kids together and we get a picture.  Although, Jayce was still sleeping when she had to leave for the airport this time.
Hbath 64Hbath 65 But when I was uploading these, I remembered that I never shared the pictures from the time when she came for Easter and a race, and Hannah was super sick.
Easter 9Easter 10Easter 12Easter 15
 I also didn’t share the time when Chelsea and mom had just come to help us pack up the house, because, well, I was kind of in the middle of packing up and moving out of the house.  We all looked like crap, the house looked like crap, the pictures look like crap, Chris was being even more uncooperative than Jayce, and I yelled at them all because this was our last picture together in this house and I didn’t care if they wanted to take a picture or not.
Movinglr 2Boss 1Movinglr 1
But these make me laugh.  A lot.  And that is the real point of the pictures in the first place, right?