Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Summer1 1

Last weekend we headed out to the pumpkin patch, which means, in my book, that it is officially fall.

Summer 1

We had a really sweet summer. It was different than usual, but still nice. I normally am a huge fan of summertime but I wasn’t sad to see it go this year.

Summer 2

Summer normally means that we’ll take a trip to Ohio to spend with my family. It means a trip to the beach. It means trips to Kentucky to see Chris’ family and time spent at the farm.

Summer 4

Last summer it was trips to the pool 2-3 times per week, courtesy of a great pool that is close, cheap and has hours that are perfect for securing a good afternoon nap.

Summer 6

But this summer was different. No road trips and only 2 pool trips the whole season. (For Jayce that is, none for me.) Instead of driving around and visiting family we holed up in our home to enjoy our newest family member and revel in our new family dynamic. This year, we got our water and sun fix in the backyard.

Summer 7

Hannah got to experience a bit of summer as well. She did a little sunbathing by the window her first few days home.

Day5 5

(I’m sure those little foot pricks can give you an indication of why.)

Day5 7

She was the only girl to get a new swimsuit this season and sported the best sandals in the house.

Summer1 1

I always love summer and am sad to see it go, but this year I’m so pleased that it is fall.

For Chris and I, moving into the fall helps us feel like we are moving on in our life. We would often talk about getting through the summer when we were particularly stressed these past few months, and it’s nice to have arrived safely (and sanely) on the other side.

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  1. I am hoping to get to a pumpkin patch this fall! That is totally the best way to ring in the new season. Also, I am glad you 'made it through' your summer! You all are too cute in that picture too. Hannah is just precious.

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